City Municipal Commission of Commerce held the second session of the jin bo will battle 100 days promote work meeting

New network Shanghai, news, July 29, (reporter Ginger Yu) city Municipal Commission of Commerce 29 day held the second session of the jin bo will battle 100 days promote work meeting. City Municipal Commission of Commerce Party secretary, director Huayuan for 14 a working group flag and speech; deputy director, Organs Directly under the Party committee secretary of golden root read proposal; deputy director of the hole Fu ‘an release The City Municipal Commission of Commerce the second session, China International Import Expo 100 day action plan “; UNCTAD the, foreign affairs office, service industry the responsible for Comrade representative related addressed the working group.

City Municipal Commission of Commerce Party secretary, director Huayuan for 14 a working group flag

The second session of the jin bo will city service security work has Comprehensive into high standard, fast-paced, tight run for preparing for the work state, city Municipal Commission of Commerce is city service security leadership group of office unit and Shanghai, trading delegation of the Secretariat unit, is business foreign affairs, food and drink supply and support group of lead unit, shoulder the “lead” and “underpinning” of double task, task especially heavy, responsibility especially major. For this, city Municipal Commission of Commerce develop the City Municipal Commission of Commerce, China International Import Expo service security leadership group work programme of set up the by main leadership as leader of leadership group set up the 14 a support group, develop the 14 a special work programme deployment the 100 day action plan.

Huayuan said to profound know run jin bo will of important significance attention degree to again improve, firmly overcome experience of and paralysis thought; work standard to again improve, in “improve quality, more fine, more temperature” up and down kung fu. To always adhere to the problem-oriented in Solve Problem on do “Subtraction “, in perfect service on do “addition “. Active investigation problem and hidden trouble effective grooming problems Key effectively find out the causes of the problem to be done and solve problem, ensure that similar problems don’t repeat. At the same time also further to work want to deep, want to all, fine, special to for the first session of the Not Met of work and task effective docking demand, effective prevent and to solve the problems of new problem.

Huayuan stressed that to seize the opportunities skillfully by Dongfeng aim innovation, identify the point, focus force point, play good jin bo will overflow drive effect promote trade upgrade, industry upgrade, open upgrade, constantly enhance development new can. Effective Queen investment work efforts attract more international organization, international institutions settled, attract more international capital, international settled in attract more new technology, new products, new service settled in. Big do strong all kinds of trade platform, deepening “6 days + 365 days” one-stop trading service platform construction, to create linkage Yangtze River Delta, Service National, radiation Asia-Pacific of import product distribution center. Consolidate development system innovation results, curing, copy and promotion first session jin bo will Landing of trade facilitation measures, speed up the formation in line with international practice of normalization trade facilitation system.

“To focus comprehensive coordination, business Foreign Affairs, Forum, food and drink service and other key security task, further and strengthen system, Specification Standard, optimization process, do coordination more powerful, security more fine, reception more thoughtful, customs clearance more convenient, trading more effectiveness go all out Battle run-off, for jin bo will ‘The Do Better’ to Shanghai, business cadres should be some contribution, to excellent results to meet new China established 70 anniversary of the “Huayuan said. (After)

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Shanghai Henan Chamber of Commerce Silver Sea Foundation group condolences armed police Shanghai, Corps

New network Shanghai, news, July 31, (Li Yu) shanghai Henan Chamber of Commerce, Silver Sea public interest Foundation 29 day group to armed police Shanghai, Corps a brigade to carry out double-support condolences activities.

Shanghai Henan Chamber of Commerce president Han Grand, standing vice president Liu Hong in, thank Wen, ice, Song Tao, process Baoping, vice President Zou red flag, bed guo yi, Weeks introduced never, superb, Sue beauty, King Gao Hui, ni guiquan, the secretary-general Wang Gen into, standing deputy secretary-general Wang Gang silver sea public interest Foundation Secretary-General King southeast and to participate in activities. Wei wen tuan line for Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces soldiers sent the Heat cooling condolences supplies, expression of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces soldiers Bayi Army Day of congratulations and greetings.

Wei wen tuan first watch the Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces soldiers of queue and grappling fighting performance, they heroic Valiant of action and full power of agile moves let everyone applause, praise cheer.

Shanghai Henan Chamber of Commerce president Han Grand to armed police Shanghai, Corps a brigade presented the calligraphy and painting the civil-military water and fish build, China dream of expression the private entrepreneurs the military of admiration.

In the forces of Honor Room and camp, show of decades years to armed police force for a successful conclusion of the major security task, and peace period in National Defense Reserve Power construction, implementation non-war military action in the made of results, let wei wen tuan accept the vivid of patriotic of education and national defense education, military of responsibility and as to wei wen tuan members left the profound of impression.

In recent years to Shanghai Henan Chamber of Commerce in every year of Bayi Eve all organization Chamber of Commerce entrepreneurs into the barracks, carry out the army condolences activities do not forget the beginning of the heart, keep in mind that mission, for implementation of building stronger armed forces through dream contribution a power. Chamber of Commerce President unit Silver Sea group in the Army niutouya Fumin also make the specific of action. March 2018 Silver Sea the establishment of the scale up to 10 million yuan of Shanghai, Silver Sea public interest Foundation retired military Special Fund; silver Sea public interest Foundation has combined with Shanghai honor military nursing home Common held “love veterans” tour free clinic series activities, condolences armed police Shanghai, Corps Art Troupe of the soldiers; this year, silver Sea will power a to 20 thousand retired military employment entrepreneurship. The Army condolences activities, is Shanghai Henan Chamber of Commerce and silver sea public interest foundation practice the Army social responsibility of specific reflect.

In condolences forces after wei wen tuan line to Silver Sea Group headquarters visit group Party building exhibition. In order to in land of Lujiazui Development Party Building World Silver Sea group Party committee multi-coordination, final in superior leadership Lujiazui Software Park party organization of support under complete party building heaven and earth to build a display work, for party 98 anniversary, the founding of the 70 anniversary of the offer the a gift. (After)

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The public security organ has not yet intervened, three questions Hubei college entrance examination examinees mobile phone cheating incident!

New progress has been made in the mobile phone cheating of examinees in Hubei college entrance examination.

On June 9, the Ministry of Education released the “Report on cheating in a college entrance examination examinee in Hubei province”, saying that there was no pre-exam leak, and examinees hid their mobile phones in their hands to avoid security checks, hide your phone in scratch paper to shoot questions.

Is it so easy to bring a mobile phone into the examination room?

Does the behavior involve crimes?


Individual behavior or group behavior?

One question: it is not difficult to bring a mobile phone into the examination room.

“How did you bring your mobile phone in?”

Shouldn’t security check be armed to the teeth?”

On June 5th, Hubei provincial Education Examination Institute released “2021 warm tips before the college entrance examination”, saying that all examination venues in the province were equipped with metal detectors. During the examination, candidates who enter the examination room and return to the examination room after leaving the examination room for special reasons in the middle of the examination must undergo security checks.

On the morning of June 6, Zeng Sheng, secretary of the Party committee of Huangyi district, once led the person in charge of relevant departments to check the preparation situation of each college entrance examination center in the whole district, listened carefully to the preparation work situation of the examination center, and inspected the temperature measurement channel on the spot, temporary rest areas and other key parts and key places. According to public reports, all test sites in Huangpi district strictly implement various guarantee requirements and “prepare for the exam in good condition”.

All media reporters of rule of law Daily have learned that there are four examination sites in the college entrance examination of Huangpi district this year, among which the candidates of the seventh senior high school examination site of Huangpi district in Wuhan are mainly art students.

On the afternoon of June 8th, all-media reporters of the rule of law Daily rushed to Huang Di No. 7 Middle School, and the gate of the examination center was closed.

“The management of this test center is much stricter than yesterday.” Mr. Chen, the candidate’s parent who accompanied the exam for two consecutive days, said that the parents who sent the exam yesterday surrounded the school gate. Today, they can only wait across the road and cannot approach the examination room.

“The side door of the school was still open yesterday, and occasionally there were staff coming in and out, but it has not been opened today.” Mr. Chen said.

A number of candidates from the Huangdi No. 7 Middle School revealed that the invigilation yesterday was “not very strict”.

“Yesterday, the invigilator shook back and forth with a metal detector and let us enter the examination room. Today, I checked from head to toe very carefully.” A candidate surnamed Wang from Huang Di No. 2 Middle School said.

Before entering the examination room, candidates should turn off their mobile phones and put them outside the classroom as required.

“After we entered the examination room today, the invigilator checked one by one whether we had a mobile phone.” Some candidates said.

The Ministry of Education said in the notice that when the examinee entered the examination room for security check, he hid his mobile phone in his thin clothes, raised his hands to avoid security check, and illegally brought the mobile phone into the examination room. The mobile phone will be hidden in the exam under scratch paper to shoot questions, and will be distributed to a training institution for answers at exam 46 (no).

On the afternoon of June 8th, after the exam on that day, all-media reporters of the rule of law Daily entered the test site of Huang Ying’s seventh Middle School, and the on-site staff did not block it. Each examination room has been closed, and students are occasionally seen on campus.

The picture shows that after the end of the exam on June 8th, the examinees walked out of the college entrance examination center of Wuhan Huangshu No. 7 Middle School.

Question 2: behavior violation or crime involved

According to the circular issued by the education bureau of Huangpi district, according to the provisions of Article 9 of the measures for handling violations in national educational testing (hereinafter referred to as the measures), candidates who violate regulations will be disqualified from this examination, the treatment of the ineffectiveness of the scores of each stage and subject in the examination, and further treatment according to the follow-up investigation results.

The measures clearly stipulate that candidates who have nine kinds of behaviors such as “carrying equipment with the function of sending or receiving information” during the examination shall be deemed as cheating. At the same time, it is clear that the examinees have the situation of “sending and transmitting the information of the test questions to the outside of the examination room”, which can be seen as the seriousness of the case, and at the same time, they will be given the treatment of suspending the examination for one to three years; If the circumstances are particularly serious, you can suspend participation in various national educational testing for 1 to 3 years at the same time.

The online screenshot shows that the time when the examinee uploads the picture of the college entrance examination math test paper to an APP is 15:46 on June 7, 2021. at this time, there is still 1 hour and 14 minutes before the end of the college entrance examination math.

An APP responded that it did not provide any search results. After the examination, after confirmation, the staff will report to the relevant departments at the first time, and package the background screenshots, data and other clues to the relevant departments for verification. The topic was never disclosed in always on top in any form.

The picture shows a screenshot of an APP uploaded by a candidate who is involved in the Internet to take photos of math problems in the college entrance examination.

In the notification, the Ministry of Education stressed that this incident was for the examinees to take photos and send questions with their mobile phones after the exam was opened. The Department cheated personally during the exam and there were no pre-exam questions.

“From the current public information, the examinee’s behavior does not conform to the composition of the crime of cheating in exams, and does not spread widely, causing serious consequences.” Deng Xiaogang, associate professor of law school of Hubei University, thinks.

The college entrance examination papers are top secret. Does the examinees have the act of “deliberately revealing state secrets?

“The college entrance examination papers are top secret before they are opened. If they are leaked before the exam, they may be constituted. However, if the examinees Upload the test papers to the Internet during the exam, they do not conform to the criminal constitution of intentional crime of betraying state secrets.” Deng Xiaogang said.

All media reporters of the rule of law Daily learned that the public security organs had not intervened in this matter.

Three questions: individual or group behavior

“Why is the mobile phone so simple to bring into the examination room?”

“The signal in the examination room is blocked. How did the photo come out?”

Outside the test center of Huang Di’s seventh middle school, many examinees thought this matter was “incredible”.

The picture shows the examination publicity display board of Wuhan Huangshu No. 7 middle school entrance examination center.

Huangpi district education bureau reported that the invigilator’s invigilator qualification for the college entrance examination has been stopped, and the dereliction of duty of relevant personnel will be further investigated and dealt with by the district discipline inspection and supervision authority.

“According to the information published at present, the invigilator asked the examinees to bring their mobile phones into the examination room. In the process of invigilation, students were not found cheating in taking photos in time. There was indeed dereliction of duty, and certain administrative punishment should be given.” Zheng Xinxin, secretary of the Party committee and administrative law scholar of Hubei University Law School, said.


Tong Dehua, professor of criminal School of Justice of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, analyzed that the mobile phone was not only brought into the college entrance examination room, but also analyzed from the perspectives of answer cards and bright light, obviously, it was shot from the desk top to bottom.

“Starting from this kind of sign analysis, it cannot be ruled out that security personnel and invigilators know but do not stop it.” Tong Dehua said that if the relevant personnel knew and implemented help, they would face the problem of accountability and even legal responsibility.

Zheng Xinxin believes that if invigilators know about it, they even cheat with candidates, or they are investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

The Ministry of Education reported that the invigilators had been replaced and the invigilators had been strengthened. The invigilators involved had been further investigated by the discipline inspection and supervision organs.

“At present, there are many doubts about the whole incident. Whether there are problems with the metal detector used in the examination room and whether there are loopholes in the signal shielding instrument can be concluded only after in-depth investigation.” Zheng Xinxin said.

Tong Dehua believes that relevant parties should also carefully investigate the test sites involved and investigate them one by one to determine whether there is only this incident or the possibility of group cheating and respond to public concerns.

The Ministry of Education said in the circular that the enrollment committee of Hubei province was required to organize education, public security, discipline inspection and supervision, radio management, market supervision and other departments to further investigate cheating candidates, the dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty involved in the examination site and relevant institutions conducted a thorough investigation in all aspects, the whole process and the whole chain. YIFAYI regulations were severely punished, and the fairness and justice of the college entrance examination were firmly maintained.

“Do you want to spend time in the library with me from morning till night?” Nanjing University enrollment publicity controversy

The beautiful woman stood in front of the library, holding the sign “do you want me to be your youth” and “Do you want to spend time in the library with me, from morning to night”, calling on everyone to apply for the exam. On the 8th, Nanjing University caused controversy because of such a group of enrollment publicity photos. Some netizens thought it was materializing women, and some netizens thought it was unnecessary to go online. At present, Nanjing University official Wei has deleted the post.

On the 7th, the 2021th college entrance examination opened the curtain. While everyone cheered for the examinees, some colleges and universities also started enrollment publicity on social media.

In the past enrollment publicity, under the blue sky and white clouds, eye-catching handsome men and women stood in front of the landmark buildings of colleges and universities, holding the signboard “I am waiting for you in XX”, which is a common way. In recent years, “School Flower” and “School grass” have become the “humanoid advertisement” of colleges and universities. From the photos of beauty graduates Kangyi, published by Renmin University on the homepage, to Chen Turin, Wu University huangcancan of China Southern Airlines……


In 2019, the enrollment copywriting of Chongqing University’s “WeChat small advertisement” style also appeared on the microblog hot search list. The Honey painting style amused countless netizens and attracted numerous universities to imitate one after another.

Although not all students buy the account of “Goddess of God”, and some people once thought that the propaganda of “food color” style in colleges and universities was inappropriate, it really became the next propaganda trend.

Nanjing University added some content on this basis during this enrollment promotion:

Do you want to enjoy the magnificent beauty of art in Nebula building “.

“Do you want to touch the traces left by history in every building of Nanda”

“Do you want to spend time with me in the Du Xia Library, from morning to night”.

“Do you want me to be your youth”……

There is a bold word in all the student signboards, and these bold words are combined to form “I am waiting for you in Nanjing University”.

Beauty + the country’s top universities double blessing, the microblog quickly aroused attention. The controversy followed, and what caused the controversy was “do you want to spend time with me in the Du Xia Library, from morning to night” and “Do you want me to be your youth, some netizens think that the word” bubble “and” become your youth “is inappropriate. In addition, the one who takes these two signs is just a beautiful girl, playing” edge ball “, there is a suspicion of materializing women.


In a survey that thought this kind of propaganda was appropriate, 67% of netizens thought it was “inappropriate”.

However, some netizens think that there is no need to over-interpret it. The original intention of the school is to recruit students. Although the content of the copywriting is biased, it may just be that the planner is not rigorous.

Some netizens pointed out that as a university, since there is a possibility of polysemy in propaganda copywriting, it should be avoided in advance instead of letting it develop.

At present, the official Wei of Nanjing University has deleted this content.

Students in the college entrance examination and parents in voluntary examination are also a contest for colleges and universities that are recruiting students.

According to the previous report of Guangming Daily, with the development of higher education in our country and the impact of the enrollment of foreign universities in China, high-quality students are becoming increasingly scarce in the increasingly internationalized and intense competition of higher education, “Source of students” is the “raw material” of the university, and the quality of “raw material” is directly related to the quality of “product. Take the initiative to contact by phone, promise to admit majors, attract heavy money, and even tear each other openly. In this competition, some schools have tried their best to make all the “efforts”, just to “recruit good students”. The general strength of the schools competing for students is equivalent. On the one hand, the overall quality of students can be improved; On the other hand, the public’s recognition of the strength of the school can be maintained.

Shanghai, trading delegation professional audience registration more than 36000 people

The second session of the jin bo will city service security work has Comprehensive into high standard, fast-paced, tight run for preparing for the work state. City Municipal Commission of Commerce develop the City Municipal Commission of Commerce, China International Import Expo service security leadership group work programme of set up by the main leadership as leader of leadership group set up 14 a support group, develop 14 a special programme of work. Yesterday City Municipal Commission of Commerce specialized held “the second session of the jin bo will battle 100 days promote work meeting “, and release the City Municipal Commission of Commerce the second session, China International Import Expo 100 day action plan “.

City Municipal Commission of Commerce clear 8 aspects, 19 the key investment task, attention Shanghai key industry, important in the field of purchase business group, strengthen in private enterprise, small and medium-sized enterprises and foreign enterprises in the investment efforts, set up Shanghai, industrial products agents procurement alliance, Shanghai, private send buying missions, Shanghai, overseas Chinese send buying missions, Shanghai, female entrepreneurs association delegation professional procurement groups such. As at July 24 Shanghai, trading delegation professional audience Registration Unit Number of 3813 home personnel 36558 people, has submitted the 49 field supporting activities, including policy interpretation class activities 5 field, docking signing 16 field, new show 4 field, study 8 Field, other Category 16 field.

It is reported that around the second session of the jin bo will, at present downtown two level business department is gearing up for the zhan ke and the majority of professional audience design a series of characteristics investment promotion activities such as launched “jin bo will customers into Shanghai, see business opportunities” activities, production online offline “investment map”, launched more characteristics economic and trade the route and. (Liberation Daily reporter Wu wei qun)

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The second session of the jin bo will countdown 100 days Shanghai, city service security work promote general assembly held

New network Shanghai, July 27 electric (Prince Tao ginger Yu Kangyu Cham) July 27, the second session, China International Import Expo countdown 100 heaven city service security work promote general assembly in National Exhibition and Convention Center (shanghai) held. Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Secretary Li Qiang in meeting stressed that, to thoroughly implement the implementation Xi Jinping General Secretary on “import expo not only to year after year do, and to do the level, do the effectiveness, the do better “of important instructions spirit, according to import expo organizing committee unified deployment go all out provide first-class city service security, the standard higher requirements, show better level, create a better environment, stimulate more innovation, efforts do exhibition upgrade, service upgrade, image upgrade, results upgrade ensure that done international first-class expo.

Ministry of Commerce Minister Zhongshan attended and speech Shanghai, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, mayor should be Yong, took the chair. City People’s Congress Standing Committee director Yin a Trybunalski, municipal CPPCC the President dong yunzi Tiger of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, Vice Minister Wang Bingnan, municipal party committee deputy secretary of the yin hong attend.

Li Qiang pointed out that run import expo, is Xi Jinping comrade for core of the Party Central Committee to we of major political task, is Shanghai, development of major opportunities to enhance the ideological consciousness and action consciousness, for the city’s of force do the second session of the import expo service security work. Comprehensive the standard “The Do Better” requirements, key focus “scale more, quality better, innovation stronger, level higher, effectiveness better” target, to implement the task division of labor all-round optimization, perfect, improve service security, power International exhibition enlarge the effectiveness, International Forum worked, China voice.

Li Qiang pointed out that to In improve quality, more fine, more temperature up and down kung fu, speed up promote venues transformation upgrade and key project construction continuous optimization exhibition service and city service, full security important foreign affairs activities strengthen volunteers team construction, let inside and outside guests, exhibitors customers more experience, sense of gain. Carefully the organization of a comprehensive walkthrough, promote venue facilities more perfect, guide identification more reasonable, emergency response more quickly.

Li Qiang pointed out that to import expo as an improved work of important starting point, show image of important window, to create more charm of city environment, international first-class of business environment. Queen City environment regulation improve city management level better highlight Shanghai, “World living room” of style. Active Service Exhibition enterprise and procurement Enterprise launched a number of reform innovation initiatives, trade facilitation policy. News propaganda to comprehensive in-depth, continuous force constantly enhance the event attention and influence.

Li Qiang stressed that to aim innovation, find the contact, focus force point, further amplification import expo overflow drive effect promote trade upgrade, industry upgrade, open upgrade. Deepening online offline exhibition and trade platform construction agglomeration more how high level trade subject. Strengthen investment docking promote investment, attract more international capital, international business and new technology, new products, new service settled in. Positive and Yangtze River Delta provinces and cities build platform, sharing opportunities speed up construction Hongqiao International Open Hub, improve configuration global resources elements of ability level.

Zhongshan stressed that held, China International Import Expo, is Xi Jinping comrade for core of the Party Central Committee focus on to promote a new round of high level of foreign open which of major decision-making, is we active to world open market of major initiatives. The first session of the import fair successfully held in home and abroad widely influence. We to firmly implement Xi Jinping General Secretary series important instructions spirit improve political stations strengthen political, the thought and action to the Party Central Committee decision-making deployment up solid do the preparatory work, ensure that the second session of the import the Expo a complete success.

Zhongshan pointed out that to in accordance with the General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward of import fair to “the do better” of requirements, strengthen linkage work together, in “scale more, quality better, innovation stronger, level higher, effectiveness better” up and down kung fu, overall promote the exhibition, Forum, city service security and preparatory work ensure that the do better, continue building a international first-class expo to excellent results celebrate new China established 70 anniversary of. (After)

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Shanghai, ecological environment bottom line only will more and more strict

Central ecological environmental protection inspector out the number of “hidden” the of ecological environment problem, shanghai, district in inspector forced under quickly take measures a number of illegal violation behavior get severe investigation, ecological environment get significantly improve. July 29 reporter from Fengxian District Ecological Environment Agency was informed that central ecological environmental protection inspector carried out since as at July 29, fengxian district of received Central the first ecological environmental protection inspectorate zhuan ban of petition 102 thing, which 68 are currently under investigation processing.

Again and again opposite typical of lessons let more production reached with the business operator consensus: shanghai, ecological environment of bottom line only will more and more strict.

“Environmental Protection credit” incentive enterprise investment

“Protection ecological environment primary responsibility is production operators can’t have any lucky psychological .” Buddhist Temple (group) shares limited the company general engineering deputy director Zhang Baosheng said.

2016 and this year Garan Group respectively investment more than 1 million yuan and more than 0.5 million yuan, for production wastewater in chemical oxygen demand and production waste gas in nitrogen oxide environmental protection disposal facilities of upgrading and transformation. At present in with boiler nitrogen oxide emissions concentration have control in 30 mg/cubic meters about, far lower than the outer ring in 50 mg/cubic meters of limits. Enterprise production wastewater after processing chemical oxygen demand concentration have control in 100 mg/L, and related emission standard of limit is 500 mg/L.

Same in Fengxian district of Shanghai, birds gazelle Daily Chemical limited the company also have different approaches but equally satisfactory results. 2018 the first half this the company investment 1.5 million yuan of wastewater processing facilities acceptance put into operation, will wastewater in chemical oxygen demand of concentration from 400 or 500 mg/L cut to 300 mg/L. For control production wastewater of emissions total, the company this year the end before also will on the part of the care products of production process the automation transformation, is expected to be will wastewater emissions from 80 or 90 tons/days reduce to 50 or 60 tons/day.

Environmental impact assessment but off “a ticket veto”

A number of enterprises on the way of transformation and upgrading, there are also a number of enterprise in is becoming more and more Queen of environmental protection pressure under select exit. Fengxian district from 2014 implementation industry structure adjustment three years Action Plan since as of the first half of this year, in adjustment shut down iron and steel, printing and dyeing, plating, chemical, stone, furniture, building materials such as industry of” three high a low “key enterprise 247 households, make land area 17451 acres reduce energy consumption total standard coal nearly 0.3 million tons. These industry structure adjustment make of valuable space become Fengxian District future development of source. At present Fengxian has total introduced enterprise 95 home digestion and utilization land area 4209 acres, which 72 home enterprise has been put into production per mu output value, per mu tax respectively up to 3 million yuan, 0.35 million yuan.

Fengxian District Economic Commission Deputy Director Gu satellite tell reporter for key project, fengxian District strict take 7/A related office of the board “consultation” of access approval system, can’t through environmental impact assessment of project will directly “a ticket veto “.

Ebb Tide can to dross leave essence. This year is Fengxian district the second round of industrial structure adjustment three years Action Plan of ending of years, the region will lock 6600 mu land Queen industry structure adjustment, the year digestion and utilization land many in 1500 acres, and synchronous start the first 1000 acres stock industrial land custom high standard plant, for advanced manufacturing make sufficient development space. (Liberation Daily reporter Chen Xi shake)

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This year the second quarter Congestion rankings Shanghai, exit “top ten plugging city” of column

9 when who lives in Yangpu district Longchang road of Zhu Mr. driving from Zhou Jia mouth Road ramp onto inner ring, submerged in the morning peak not end of traffic in. 40 minutes after he reach Pudong Clove Road of the company parking garage, than navigation software is expected to the 45 minutes in advance the 5 minutes.

“Shanghai, the traffic congestion really have improve .” Zhu Mr. of experience is not by chance. A few days ago, by more than institutions combined with release of the 2019 Q2, China Main City Traffic Analysis Report of announced the national 50 A city second quarter of 2019 Congestion rankings, shanghai, ranked fifteen exit “top ten plugging city” of column. Last year the same period Shanghai, in this a list in rankings eighth and in 2014 the same period, shanghai, congestion status top.

These years Shanghai, of traffic what happened. What change?

“Shanghai, order of beauty” circle of friends refresh

Shanghai, public security based on science and technology innovation constantly for “electronic policeman” empowerment. Each reflect “order beauty” of picture behind, all have a 24 hours don’t discontinuous work of “electronic policeman “.

Not long ago a group “This is Shanghai, order of beauty” of post in WeChat circle of friends refresh. In these by monitoring video take the picture in, elevated on the ramp two lane “of two and a” the vehicle in turn alternating, as a smooth or shine of zip. Not far from traffic police is set the reminder signs ground also dimension the obvious of “alternating” words. Users have like.

A few years ago elevated on the ramp “of two and a” the illegal compete for space controlling phenomenon everywhere visible, human caused by congestion. So large amount of a wide range of illegal behavior widely there evidence shall be timely found, shanghai, public security traffic police elevated detachment give police also can only in sooner or later peak counseling traffic after, again random to the illegal prone ramp mouth carry out special regulation effect limited.

Each reflect “order beauty” of picture behind, all have a 24 hours don’t discontinuous work of “electronic policeman “. In recent years Shanghai, public security based on science and technology innovation constantly for “electronic policeman” empowerment. Now the electronic policeman in addition to can the motor vehicle speeding, red light, parking and illegal behavior forensics, also can positioning capture motor vehicle and blared their horns, no seat belt, lane change of the adding stopper, Big Bend small go and many other traffic illegal behavior. At the same time the original “electronic policeman” constantly upgrade transformation, A set of equipment can be at the same time capture common of many kinds of traffic illegal behavior.

“Paidu Paul Cheong” had is Shanghai, traffic management in mentioned of “high frequency words” in recent years, “Strict control traffic illegal behavior” gradually become Shanghai, public security traffic management focus. Data analysis showed that traffic illegal behavior prone multiple, is lead to Shanghai, road traffic order chaos of main reason. In professional people looks like have law enforcement power of traffic police will Management focus put for traffic illegal of regulation in, use “electronic policeman” efficient forensics traffic illegal behavior catch governance traffic congestion of “key “.

Super-large city of traffic like human body cycle system a blocked affects the whole body. As long as with car accident or broke down behind soon up long lines. With the strict control traffic illegal behavior Shanghai, road traffic accident number of, death number, hurt number continuous decreased, with than respectively decreased 8.7%, 13.2% and 2.6%.

Smart “lights” can predict traffic flow

Last year a new of “intelligent lights system” in Shanghai, trial. This signal can be through multi-channel perception and collection traffic data given signal control and traffic organization best programme.

Past a typical intersection is that of: four sides have auxiliary police assist management non-motor vehicle and pedestrian, traffic police the standing Road Central Command and counseling traffic also from time to four running law enforcement.

Traffic counseling Total Traffic Police See heard. And only by “point,” filled with enough drunken duck-faced divas to last a life counseling, can only will a intersection of traffic pressure conduction to the next intersection. Improve road traffic efficiency must be is a line, a network of “System Engineering “. Last year the first session, China International Import Expo held on the eve of, A new of “intelligent lights system” in Shanghai, trial. This signal non-simple signal indicating a stop or traffic but by multi-channel perception and collection traffic data, given signal control and traffic organization best programme.

City Public Security Bureau traffic police corps assistant Wang Liang introduced this a intelligent traffic system collection of data, can traffic police field management provide basis “such as know which road, which orientation traffic flow load is too large, traffic police field can in advance guide vehicle shunt dynamic distribution right-of-way improve traffic efficiency.” According to calculation by this dynamic, in time of management measures regional road traffic efficiency improve 10% above. Reporter from city public security bureau traffic police corps was informed that this year the end before, the city will have 1000 a intersection is set this signal.

“This thought road construction travel will very plugging didn’t think also count smooth .” Who lives in Wuning Road of Mr Tsang because door road reconstruction once worry about road closures influence travel. Didn’t think after the start of construction new the temporary traffic lane change is set variable Lane, he no feel road construction bring too much influence “Shanghai, of fine body now these details on.”

“We adhere to lights second adjustment, traffic organization one by one Intersection Improvement, by small change small leather improve road traffic performance.” Wang Liang said to the city’s 104 the there “downward poor” hidden trouble of the ramp as an example, each traffic police detachment all to territorial of under ramp field research investigation down poor of reason, one by one the development solution.

“Yan’an elevated Tibet South Road, under ramp traffic flow big, often congestion we research after found, next ramp before and after two intersection of lights between have a gap then road resources compare the rich.” City Public Security Bureau traffic police corps elevated detachment and territorial traffic police repeated study after by fine-tuning green light signal time, use this short of time quickly release 50 to 100 a car. So way under ramp of congestion situation to ease.

Regulation non-motor vehicle, pedestrian traffic illegal

Regulation non-motor vehicle, pedestrian illegal large amount of wide range, lack of like motor vehicle driver’s license, license plate that of management starting point. March 24 this year the Shanghai, public security a week to focus on unified action.

“Shanghai, traffic big regulation carry out 3 years more public generally reflect the motor vehicle. More. But non-motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic illegal still high incidence damage traffic order also bring a lot of security hidden danger.” Wang Liang said in keep the motor vehicle “three arbitrary a Inverse” prominent traffic illegal thorough investigation of severely punished of at the same time, last year since traffic police department will non-motor vehicle, pedestrian traffic illegal behavior as an Regulation of key.

About Regulation non-motor vehicle, pedestrian illegal a lot of first-line traffic police are How: On the one hand this kind of illegal large amount of a wide range; on the other hand lack of like motor vehicle driver’s license, license plate that of management starting point. Wang Liang said: “We requirements traffic police of non-motor vehicle, as pedestrians strict law enforcement .” March 24 this year the Shanghai, public security organs week organization non-motor vehicle, pedestrian traffic illegal crucial regulation centralized and unified action, all police participate in crucial regulation non-motor vehicle and pedestrian all kinds of traffic illegal behavior.

Police-enterprise cooperation social co-governance ease parking

For residents at night parking, shuttle service students and demand traffic police department with related territorial government, function Department, more measures simultaneously ease parking this a “difficult” problem.

Public bed Ms. First time red light cross the road was stopped when and no was fine, traffic police just registration identity information after the she the oral education. This is Shanghai, traffic police for pedestrian traffic illegal take of “progressive-” Law enforcement mode: the first time education, the second times warning the third times and above to punishment.

Life style change for traffic management bring new challenges. In recent years common rely on non-motor vehicle solve “finally a mi/” of take-out, express industry of development, increased the non-motor vehicle traffic illegal. July 1 based on RFID technology of electric bike traffic illegal off-site law enforcement system put into use at present, the city’s the outer ring of the key intersection, road all has complete RFID collection of equipment of Construction Installation, 54 thousand a engaged in Express, take-out industry of electric bike put on new of electronic license plate. “Before we Management non-motor vehicle lack of effective starting point, electronic license plate for we offer a solution to the problem of ideas.” City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Department the relevant person in charge of the as at July 28, this a system of seized 9400 more than non-motor vehicle traffic illegal behavior.

Reporter recently in Huaihai Road business district see, shanghai Times Square, Hong Kong square and building surrounding space pending “take-out enterprise non-motor vehicle temporary park point” brand, from time to time have take-out rider will bike ride to here running dining. And the relative should be road on the non-motor vehicle luan ting everywhere in the phenomenon reduce.

Huaihai Road community business building Yu and the best shops logistics, take-out service demand amazing. But Huaihai Middle Road, is the non-road all prohibited non-motor vehicle traffic, some take-out, express practitioners not only illegal ride and luan ting everywhere in. In and property contact implementation parking resources of at the same time traffic police departments to promote the police-enterprise cooperation and social co-governance, innovation problem network about car Big Data screening, sharing bike digital management, take-out rider “a people car syndrome A yard “and personnel score management and security management measures. Last week 28 home Express take-out enterprise combined with signed rider traffic security joint commitment.

Parking is traffic management in “difficult” problem. Traffic big regulation since in the city draw 239 article “solid yellow line” road all no parking, let many drivers feel “very inconvenient “. “In addition to strict law enforcement we also take into account actual demand .” Wang Liang said for ease taxi up and down guest difficult, traffic police department of is set the 3000 more than the bus station taxi up and down off point. For residents at night parking, shuttle service students and reality demand, traffic Police Department positive with related territorial government, function department more measures simultaneously ease parking problem. In addition to in conditions of road additional time road parking, night road parking the also positive potential, added on to, additional parking facilities coordination will idle land open for temporary parking, use plot and surrounding business building, hospital and parking demand time of difference, wrong use, sharing parking facilities.

At present city of with road parking 2300 more than the berth 90 thousand more than a. Which for smooth the residential parking problem of night road parking 116, can stop motor vehicle about 3300 a ease shuttle service students parking problem of temporary road parking 273, can stop motor vehicle about 5900 A. (Liberation Daily Reporter King xian le Jane gong bo)

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The national first let “a syndrome quasi-camp” become reality

“Industry a syndrome” is to a Industry access of the multiple a license integration for a “industry comprehensive license “, this is “license separation” reform of deepening and continue, target is to from “to Department for center” of a single matters reform, steering “to enterprise for center” into “a thing” of business process revolutionary reconstruction, strive to from fundamental crack corporate “access no camp” problem

From now start in Pudong New District open hotel, convenience store, gym and restaurants and, all only need to do a license can be opened. Pudong yesterday in national first launched “industry a syndrome” reform, implementation “a syndrome quasi-camp “, the first batch of pilot of 10 a Industry Average implementation approval matters reduce 76% approval time limit reduce 88%, application material reduce 67% fill in the form elements decrease 60%.

The reform influence big, Operation complex, but the Pudong every show gold content full of reform programme, 10 a pilot industry and legal system security work, optimization Business environment overweight will further the market new vitality, cultivation development new can.

Approval matters compression two dimension explore “after reduction syndrome”

“The past we open a hotel are to special of a team to accreditation, not only have to do special industry license, public health license, food business license, also get fire check of corresponding certificate each do a ticket all to line, fill in the form, back and forth at least two three a month.” As an first early adopters Luneng Group Shanghai branch executive director, general manager Sun Mingfeng tell reporter, this time they to, China first JW Marriott Marquis hotel drive to Pudong, just catch up with the “industry a syndrome” pilot only spend two weeks more walk accreditation course, greatly reduce the time cost “This we opening than is expected to in advance the month. And after in Pudong accreditation as long as a work personnel it can .”

The pilot of the first industry including convenience store, sports fitness venues, hotel, Hotel, small restaurant, fresh-purified drinking small shops, baking shop/bakery, coffee shop/tea houses, bar, pharmacies and other, after reform after average implementation approval matters reduce 76%. “This is a integrated-of two-way reform bring of approval service style of change is disruptive.” New District Administrative examination and approval authority director Jiang Red Army said, the first explore of is two dimension of “After reduction syndrome “, on the one hand in a department internal reduction syndrome, the of a department in the same industry of the multiple A approval matters optimization with a approval matters; on the other hand in more a department between reduction, of a Industry quasi-camp involves of more a department license “merge integration” for a “Industry Comprehensive license “.

Farewell repeated fill in the form “qian qi Many-Faced” fine service

“Industry a syndrome” reform the government, more means that from original of extensive service change for fine service approval more efficient.

Pudong original simple stack, same of matters list and approval elements split to minimum particles, by intelligent question answering in accordance with “qian qi Many-Faced” of enterprise characteristics the free combination, formation customized informed single, application form and material list real do the business order, government dishes.

To convenience store as an example, enterprise can Through answer whether has for business license, of whether wine retail, of whether B non-prescription drugs and 12 a problem, generated for use with various situation of application material.

“This time are a set of application material, login Shanghai, ‘yi wang diantong do’ platform ‘industry a syndrome’ module the online application, before a few days received the license approval complete of SMS notification.” Shanghai, Suning shop General Manager Xu sea orchid tell reporter “we statistical, for a convenience store original in each license Accreditation link about need 38 a working days, at present is 5 a working days; application material by original of 42 a reduce to 10 A, greatly reduce the enterprise administrative cost also improve the operation efficiency. The reform display the government for enterprise ‘light burden’ of determination and efforts, further enhance the we in Pudong entrepreneurship development of confidence.”

In process reengineering on “industry a syndrome” reform first proposed “a cap lead “, A industry by a department lead established “put tube service” efficient collaborative mechanism. New Market Authority director Wu Wei flat said in enhance ongoing and ex-post supervision on, can by “a cap” lead department credit evaluation system or rules, combined with the induction of information of Enterprise, industry the more precision of comprehensive credit and classification assessment.

Business environment optimization let enterprise more confidence and power

Three years ago countries to Shanghai, and Pune east the important task-“license separation” reform. After three years more practice the reform progress smooth has obvious effect. Last September the State Council meeting of the Standing Committee of the clear in national promotion Shanghai and Pudong “license separation” reform of experience.

And “industry a syndrome” Reform is license separation reform of continuation and deepening. Early, pudong in industrial products production license reform the lead explore from “a syndrome” to “a qi yi syndrome “. Pudong to this concept use to market access management field launched “industry a syndrome” reform, around enterprise efficient “do a thing” on government business process the revolutionary reconstruction.

Optimization Business environment actually is the most lasting, the most strong of success. The government department spend effort in start-up link the “burden “, also let more grounded Pudong of enterprise of continuous rapid development more confidence and power. Sun Mingfeng said: “Shanghai, future seven years to reconstruction a new Pudong, we Hotel also usher in huge of development opportunities. New of reform initiatives for enterprise management create the very good business environment, great enhanced the we investment Pudong, and Pudong common development, sharing development results of confidence.”

Next Pudong will to “industry a syndrome” reform for breakthrough, comprehensive Deepening “put tube service” reform struggling to build international first-class business environment, further highlight comprehensive deepening reform and expand open experimental field role. (Wen Wei Po reporter Don Wei Jie)

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Apart 97 years “Einstein” again came to Shanghai

This May is this year summer vacation all tech-savvy the most can’t miss of a field exhibition, einstein’s general relativity paper manuscript original, Einstein 1905 “miracle years” of four paper, Einstein and russell last of letters …… These human history of science on the precious of cultural relics first came to mainland China and audience meet.

“Start early in genius relativity-Einstein of fantasy world” Special Exhibition today in Shanghai, World Expo Museum to public open the exhibits content cover Einstein life of study, achievements, emotional, life, faith, honor and rich content, original to restore a real of Einstein.

This year is Einstein birthday 140 anniversary World around launched on the great scientists of tribute and miss. Shanghai, is Einstein was visited of two A, China City One. November 1922 in a ship Hong Kong to Shanghai, the cruise on the Einstein received get Nobel Prize of Telegraph. Thus it can be seen that the great scientists and Shanghai, of fate visible can.

The in Shanghai, on display of 133 thing exhibits in have 86 thing for original, especially is generalized relativity of two page manuscript original is History of science on the top cultural relics, the first time came to mainland China. Other of exhibits in, such as on gravitational waves of paper original, old age thinking “unified field theory” of Last of notebook original and, is also Einstein genius thought of precious treasure. Exhibits in and xia yuan li, shu star bei, Cai Yuanpei, Soong Ching Ling, Zhu Jiahua, Zhou Pei-and a number of, China modern well-known people of Einstein of letter original and Einstein of reply original, were is Einstein was and, China communication of first-hand historical data. In addition Einstein obtained 1921 Nobel physics prize medal original also will is focus exhibits one.

“This exhibition to Einstein from ‘God’ reduction to ‘people ‘.”, China for the History of Natural Science Institute researcher, the special exhibition content consultants in Qing said, the display and no blindly show Einstein right of side, also performance the others life encounter of disappointed, confused and error. Such as Einstein in the Zurich Diary “in a page show. This a little. If not was he of ideas was in to error of place, relativity “was born” will than now early three years. And in the other a he was sick in bed when to daughter of letter, cherish word such as gold of he naughty to in text below painting. A bed and sick of Little, little party paper between father-daughter of warm blowing.

Einstein’s most famous of is he amazing of physics intuition. The in Qing introduced this and Einstein into extensive, interest widely about. If the audience see enough carefully it can from a was burning of exhibits in found, this is from a description he in Russia adventure of book. The in Qing also introduced every a place, einstein the first to go to visit of sure is local of museum, he also set up a called “Olympia Academy of Sciences” of organization. In Here Einstein and other scientists not only warm discussion science topic, also explore the music, art, mechanical, philosophy and so on complex of content. And this thought of “surf” was a lot of people think is Einstein the key to the success of.

The Einstein special exhibition by Jerusalem Hebrew University authorized Liberation newspaper (Shanghai) culture spread limited the company and Shanghai, UDN host Shanghai, World Expo Museum co. (Wen Wei Po reporter Shen Qiushui’s)

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