Night tour Chang Xiang natural learn to love life

On Friday 18 when 30 points was night cover of Century Park cicadas sound, A group from Shanghai, District of parents and children gathered to park, in this year in here held the last a night tour activities. Primary school students bed ke han just from cram school class it non-stop to in night tour. “Children has been very looking forward to this activities !” Bed ke han mother said.

Little Lotus Leaf hidden many secret

In night tour of children first received the set of equipment, contains Night Tour Manual, badge, headlights, backpack and, then preview the May will in Night Tour in concerned with the biological knowledge. That night of guide one, City wilderness studio teacher Guo Yan Green to children throw a lot of problem: spider is arthropod animal? Insects have what characteristics? Crocodile if amphibious animal? And one by one past.

Night tour start children standing in the middle of a huge lotus pond before they was got of the first a problem is: “Why rain fall lotus leaf on tumbled not the lotus leaf wet?” Original lotus leaf on have a layer of thin “villi” villi between of density very big, water droplets of surface tension can’t penetration. So not wet lotus leaf. And this of structure also can will dust and other pollutants exclude out when it rains dust was washed away, refreshing of lotus leaf the keep respiratory unobstructed. Small a lotus leaf original also hidden so more secret!

Learning knowledge outside harvest courage

More that the excited children of link is in night observation to various living of small animals.

In a plant height Big of poplar on, guo Yan Green found a only adult fingers so long of cloud gray article longicorn beetles. Than books on of pictures, this wave the long tentacles of cloud gray article longicorn beetles obviously very attractive, not only children acute the little head up past staring at See, some parents also at longicorn beetles take from the photos. Guo Yan Green pointing to Poplar bottom for circular opening tell children, these are cloud gray article longicorn beetles of emergence hole so this alternatus hope is the pests.

Night tour of another important link is Century Park everywhere visible of biological prevention and control measures. Such as was explain teacher called “food trap” of insect catching device, is by in a sticky on with all kinds of moth like of taste attract they flying, then was sticky stick; was called “beauty moth of” of biological pest control device, the IS by in insect catching device internal with artificial synthesis of female moth sex pheromone of attract male moth. When male moth was attract from plastic tube of gap fly when it never can’t run away.

With children the second times in night tour activities of leaf Ms. tell reporter, children like see Fabre of the insects remember of these biological very interested in. In reality in see longicorn beetles, praying mantis impression will profound much, also more easy to stimulate children of interest. A A with daughter to in night tour of parents the said children before very afraid various bugs, but in night tour neutralization many children play with she is courage most. Believe if more in a few times that of activities on exercise Children of Courage will very benefits.

Natural Education activities more and more popularity

In addition to Century Park Shanghai Botanical Garden, Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden and distribution in Shanghai, different regional of biological base, all in held similar of natural education activities. Last year Shanghai, botanical garden launch of 40 a “unannounced visits Night Elf” open-ended on-line 3 minutes that was sold out, century Park this year of 480 a night tour open-ended in open the second days that is all run out, and parents complain that Rob can’t.

In Guo Yan Green looks like no matter the parents or the children, practice of natural science education in let they learn knowledge of at the same time, also more real realize that every a kind of plant and animal are have life of are worth was respect.

Professional of popular science workers will relative boring of knowledge with the children know the language said out, can further stimulate they of interest and curiosity, future in children in that perhaps will come, China of “Fabre! (Liberation Daily reporter Li bao hua)

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Garbage classification promote speed fast “Shanghai really different”

This July Shanghai, if have than temperature more hot of that certain is garbage classification! Today the Shanghai life garbage management regulations of formal implementation “Full Moon “. This a month in residential garbage start fixed-point put, on the road of trash can is becoming more and more specification and reduce. In addition and some unexpected of change also in quietly.

6:50 Yangliuqing Road Guangxi sociological New Village

A month volunteers more and more peace of mind

“Lord uncle Lennon garbage points the cutting ?” “Lady Lennon at present old spirit amount “…… Morning Guangxi sociological village garbage fixed-point put, zhang Ju Rong speaking a Shanghai dialect longing for to the residents greetings. June this year start, she every day 7/when it will appear in cell garbage classification fixed-point put one of the point.

50-year-old of Zhang Ju rong lai from Anhui Xuancheng in Guangxi sociological live uptown. 5 years. She is a warm-hearted often help to clean the corridor rainy day drain blocking the even hand-to-hand dredge. Garbage classification the beginning of someone worry about tenant classification less than a but Zhang Ju Rong subversion. This idea. She not only your own garbage classification well done also active registration when garbage classification volunteers. As an A on “Time” work family of foreign workers, she every day rather spend two hours in volunteer service on let many residents moved. In She of help under community residents garbage classification will more and more strong.

“Garbage classification formal implementation a month to volunteers is more and more peace of mind .” Zhang Ju Rong said a month in, she only found a residents ride “projectile” garbage bags of Don’t civilization behavior.

Volunteer service time to partner with a smile of Zhang Ju Rong said: “Xiao Zhang, this month Lennon Shanghai dialect also speak to more and more.”

10:00 Weikang Road innovation Farm

Summer is cultivation kitchen thick soil good time

“In community garden grafting garbage classification concept it too perfect .” Tongji University building and city planning College professor Liu Yue to from plant among Lift Head face excited. In innovation Farm in, liu Yue to have another identity-public interest organization “Four Leaf Clover Hall teen natural experience Service Center” founder. He in this once full construction waste of city “scrap” land built “rain habitat “, planning “songs Garden “.

Kitchen garbage and pet feces in here into fertile soil. Liu Yue to of “Kitchen thick soil cultivation” in “green material” is every family of kitchen garbage-first the kitchen waste of water drain, shop in soil on covered with thick layer soil again laying a layer of leaves or sawdust, Rice Husk, and covered with a layer of soil. Summer is cultivation kitchen thick soil of good time in this of soil on the planting, A year all don’t need fertilization.

Farm in also equipped with compost box used to collection leaves and pet feces. Container production convenient with barbed wire or bamboo around into a certain height of device, leaves and feces a layer of up. To certain degree especially is rain after accumulation will to sinking final bottom first variable cooked, cooked off of part can out to do fertilizer. “The whole process is a Aerobic fermentation of process a week biodegradable .”

Liu Yue to lead team construction of community garden has more than 60 A. Garbage classification of promote to he a lot of new inspiration. Recently he is to encourage community residents themselves, abandoned the old sink and items transformation into view ornaments hidden in flowers in.

13:30, Tongpu road sea Royal Purple Palace

Floor not withdrawal bucket classification pick don’t go wrong

Garbage classification since,, Tongpu road sea Royal Purple Palace community although additional the timing fixed-point bin room and intelligent reclaims box, but each floor and no withdrawal bucket.

Lunch time just. Property manager dynasty Forest call volunteers Deng your Jane, in each floor of corridor in out-of-the-box check garbage classification. A circle go down almost pick don’t go wrong. Building a ladder a, the same floor two users in the middle of the public space with a do wet two trash can. Xiao qu bao clean water personnel will to each floor garbage. Because the number of less who of garbage round good at a glance.

Had property promise don’t withdrawal bucket residents the commitment in door do garbage classification. Deng your Jane said a month to community never for garbage classification of things happened dispute. A start she found a neighbor share not enough good write note posted on the garbage the second days, note was take the problem also does not exist.

18:30 wan hang du lu China hospital community

Residents open “garbage classification” social

Bin room open before 5 minutes retirement residents of pei ya it. A clean and tidy of clothing also of the point makeup day she on duty, to in bin room waiting by the two hours. She said: “We the own of image and life quality have requirements, garbage classification is related to Shanghai, life quality this. A little all can not be sloppy.”

“Allah Community Implementation trash classification than people early. For almost a year .” Down of pei ya refers to the orientation reporter see, cleaner is to a do wet two 240 L of Big Trash Can pushed to dumpster before residents have, open wet garbage bags poured out garbage again to bag into dry trash can, and the residents to finishing clean of empty bottle, cardboard box and to leave solely to cleaner, as an can recovery garbage processing. Half a Hours in not found a case classification improper.

By fixed-point garbage of time community in usually difficult to meet the residents also talk about home. This is garbage classification open of social New mode promote the neighborhood feelings.

21:00 Zhenru Street office

Street reform the “wet garbage transfer artifact”

90 after Zhu Qi is Zhenru jie dao xin media propaganda officer. Recently a time she by street “officer micro-” platform propaganda garbage classification. She said in garbage classification this. On hardware facilities upgrade replacement, residents of classification skills also more and more have grow.

Not long ago street design. A kind of “wet garbage transfer artifact “, full a bucket weighing up to 150 kilograms of wet garbage just 1 personal it can easy pushing on the road. This is street work personnel almost see market all truck after comparison, trial and the three times modified, design the of “Artifact “. Zhu Qi take the video, with the text do the of WeChat became “explosion models “.

This summer Zhu Qi and colleagues adhere to run community also found the some problem:. The delivery time a name throw garbage of aunt the bag to hang garbage room door handle on. “How to make residents better to adapt to timing fixed-point garbage ?” “If really difficult to timing put whether have other method solve ?” She to these problem and thinking one by one remember down preparing to launch residents to a discussion.

23:00 National Day road printing salesroom

Business do more garbage classification also

Wenzhou People Chen Yan East ten years ago in Zhejiang North Road, open the home printing shop, now the store relocation to National Day Road. Business do the ten years, he how also can’t think “garbage classification” was to own bring new business opportunities.

This year five June start he of business suddenly the up. A lot of advertising the company him design makes junk classification publicity materials, have classification trash can on the identification, activities with the sign and various bags, small stickers and other. In order to these Order Chen Yan East every day overtime some, also in friends circle emergency recruitment printer, die-cutting work such.

Chen Yan East said past never care about “garbage classification” business do more, natural became. Different color of identification, different style of distinguish between methods he all get. Don’t know before this foreign small business owners also into Shanghai, garbage classification of tide. In he eyes garbage classification promote speed fast “Shanghai really different .” (Liberation Daily reporter Luan Yin)

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2019 horse focus “achievements fly where” launched “broken three” runner exclusive memorial T-SHIRT

New network Shanghai, July 29 electric (Reporter Miao Lu) 2019 Shanghai International Marathon 29 day evening in Huangpu River held News Conference, this event to “achievements fly where” for events slogan in power runners achievements extraordinary speed of at the same time, also will efforts make horse become global first White Gold marathon events.

Horse chuang sai in 1996 so far has gone through 24 years of growth process, 2018 International IAAF for the first time the global events rankings, shanghai International Marathon to global 15th name among the world events of forest the become domestic the first.

2019 Shanghai International Marathon will be November 17 run, events is divided into the full marathon, 10 mi/, 5.5 mi/fitness run three a project, A total of 38000 a competition open-ended. 2019 Shanghai International Marathon total size keep and project number distribution is last year no changes, full marathon, 10 mi/and fitness run of competition scale respectively for 25000 people, 6000 and 7000 people. And this year the end of the arrangements layout also will lengthen the game finished streamline opened participants travel distance, maximum limit and avoid backlog.

2019 Shanghai International Marathon of starting point still in Shanghai, the city search Bund Jinniu Square, through the Bund, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street Temple, Jingan Temple, Shanghai, China, Longhua Temple and Shanghai, iconic attractions, final arrival rich ritual of end Shanghai Stadium.

And every year much runner attention and guess of registration information also in Day announced in terms of the population of different, registration will be divided into three types the first a class for straight horse and elite runners registration, pass-through horse runner refers to the IS 2019 Shanghai, international woman Half Marathon before 200 participants, 2019 Shanghai, International half marathon man semi-before 600 A, woman half before 300 A of participants.

Elite runners, refers to the IS 2018 Shanghai International Marathon Race results to the, China Track and Field Association Marathon and related movement mass player level evaluation implementation method of in on the age elite level player results requirements of participants, the two class runners registration time for July 29 20:30 to July 31 17:00, login horse network or horse official app for registration without in draw, complete payment after direct will receive a qualification.

The second part is divided into public runners registration will take public pre-registration and the draw of registration style, pre-registration time for August 1 10:00 to August 12 17:00. Pre-registration results will be August 23 afternoon announced, check of runners can in published draw results after the day afternoon to August 26 17:00 by a pay-per, to get competition qualification.

The third part is the horse public interest in 2019 Shanghai International Marathon Charity Runner registration, the organizing committee by Shanghai Sports Development Foundation principal set up 2019 Shanghai International Marathon charity open-ended 500 seats, all charity donation gold will injection Shanghai Sports Development Foundation under the horse Special Fund, this mobilization social from all walks of power raise funds advocate sports spirit for help social vulnerable group physical fitness, promote the sports and sports public welfare cause of development. Charity runner registration will be July 29 20:30 start competition project only whole marathon full so far.

In order to let every hot running of people can equality enjoy participate in the sports of opportunity highlight events equality, this year the organizing committee also will continue to open persons with disabilities registration channel wheelchair player can through Shanghai Disabled Persons Federation for registration, audio-visual obstacles runner can be through the official website of the special registration channel the sign up for a, by Shanghai Disabled Persons Federation audit by After can the registration, such as no run with the runner organizing committee also will for its arrangements run.

In order to effective of avoid private transfer open-ended, for run, rub run and phenomenon, horse launched the out of the race application of process, successful registration of players such as for personal reasons can’t competition of can in October 14, 2019 10:00-October 17 17:00 put forward application return full registration fee. Registration fee will be after seven working days in Back to participants for an arcane payment of account October 17 After cannot apply for out of the race. All application out of the race of runner once application irrevocable, and shall not be again by other any way get the events open-ended.

In addition three hours this is a for marathon lovers for not strange of time, in three hours in complete a field marathon is many amateur runners life pursuit of ultimate goal. 2018 total 720 in Shanghai International Marathon on ran into 3 hours mark, refresh the was, China marathon events of the highest record. In order to stimulate more and more runner constantly beyond self-of belief, 2019 Shanghai International Marathon as an domestic mainstream marathon of first, heavy launch “broken three” runner exclusive memorial T-SHIRT, this return as an “broken three” runners of horse of support and right Run movement of enthusiasm.

In order to stimulate more Chinese excellent runner of potential, encourage more runner join to serious runners of ranks in, this year horse ad hoc Chinese runners ming ci jiang first for 45000 yuan RMB the second called 20000 yuan RMB, the third called 12000 yuan RMB total before eight nan nv athletes. (After)

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“Far East first floor” Peace Hotel Welcome 90 anniversary of the birthday

New network Shanghai, August 2 electric (Prince Tao sheng ying) August 1 late, shanghai, the Bund iconic building, had “far east first floor” of said of Peace Hotel usher in 90 anniversary of the birthday. Chef team with 90 days the peace characteristics giant cake for Hotel 90-year-old birthday, glass artist of sen bin for Peace Hotel 90 anniversary of the creation and donation of art glass sculpture the Peace Dove of also in field appearance.

Peace Hotel was built in 1929 formerly known as Chinachem hotel of Chicago School Gothic building, hotel is located in Shanghai, of Nanjing East Road and the Bund the intersection. Celebration field symbol the Peace Angel, art incarnation of the Peace Dove of art glass sculpture appearance, the sculpture based on traditional glass process body, with deconstruction-of modern art language performance Peace Dove wings of beautiful attitude.

It is reported that the Peace Dove of representative peace, is Peace Hotel image best of symbol-“Oriental living room” of past glory, in new era will continue. In peace time in Open mind acceptance plus through our honest do, China and countries friendship the Angel of.

Activities on-site from Europe of tap artist around the octagonal central stage dance, from Russia art university of dancer show air dance performance. At the same time Peace Hotel elderly jazz group offer play with music interpretation Shanghai culture and Sir soul, and present guests celebrate Peace Hotel 90 anniversary and the third session of the Peace Culture Art Festival of Prelude.

August 2-8 month 7/day during many culture art activities also in peace hotel one by one kicked off. August 2, cenozoic art illustrator, designer He Ping will in peace hotel “He Ping met Peace” paintings exhibition salon, with through our honest through shi jian zhang lang to a field peace of art journey. August 5 of Peace Poetry share will more a poetry society Union teacher will field read share poetry. August 6, history Building column writer Joe dispute months will and the Bund History Building of fans share thematic lecture “Bund, dreams and peace “about legend Bund legend history characters of story. August 7 will the 1930s vintage dance performance and elderly jazz group of legend play.

Peace Hotel general manager, Accor Hotel, China regional general manager georgewee said: “Peace Hotel in 90 years ago is was Shanghai, the most luxury modern of hotel. 90 years later of today here still is Shanghai, of search building, is Shanghai The Bund center the most shine of Pearl. 90 Years Peace Hotel witness the Shanghai, the situation changes and brilliant achievements, as an Shanghai, Culture Art Center, the hotel, we more will lead witness future Shanghai, of culture art of vigorous development.” (After)

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Jin bo will 11 the key engineering “hot” promote

Yesterday Shanghai, continuous tenth day cloth high temperature early warning. Qingpu corner hot scene also in on: have “Four Leaf Clover” of said of National Exhibition and Convention Center in, the second session of the jin bo will exhibition scale improve engineering into peak-2000 more than and 100 more than giant equipment synchronous operation picture quite spectacular.

According to city housing urban and rural construction management committee message, the second session, China International Import Expo key engineering construction project there are 11 the project is accelerating, part has been completed and put into operation.

“New second floor” iron and steel skeleton show

High 32 m of 1, pavilion, 2, Pavilion, common of “Four-Leaf Clover” of a “leaves” is this exhibition scale improve site. It is reported that pavilion transverse “all two” after from “single-layer” variable “double-layer “, is expected to be new 60 thousand square meters of can exhibition area. Pavilion outside also new two ramp convenient to “new second floor” send exhibits of vehicle traffic.

Reporter in field see on thousands workers is full swing to the hoisting and solder, more than hundred sets super-large equipment present at back and forth shuttle. Work personnel take shift, machine keep the style the 24 hours construction. Shanghai, construction ji shi Group relevant responsible person said this transformation workload big, time tight. Exhibition scale improve required of with steel reached 43 thousand tons, equivalent to Tesla super factory with steel of 2 to 3 times, close to Shanghai, center building with steel of the half.

Venues in for support “new second floor” of steel skeleton has appeared. Steel Structure complete after Will the mechanical and electrical installation and internal decoration, is expected to “Storey-adding” engineering in September the end of all completed.

Late last year start of the second session of the jin bo will be an important supporting engineering-Songze Avenue overpass bridge people non-Facilities Engineering, is nervous the construction of is expected to October opened to traffic.

This “opened to traffic” said of non-motor vehicle. China Railway Bureau Shanghai, the company about engineer said, songze Avenue people non-facilities refers to the IS in railway below dug up a tunnel, to pedestrians and non-motor vehicle traffic. This tunnel is located in glowa min elevated-Songze elevated interchange, because interchange range in No by Shanghai-Kunming railway of non-motorized Lane, lead to pedestrians and non-motor vehicle from west to east blocked this few years, surrounding residents of traffic demand more and more strong. Built after tunnel will improve lu wang diantong line efficiency improve regional slow traffic travel conditions.

Songze Avenue overpass bridge people non-facilities engineering west small Lai port west of East to hxpaper lu intersection, channel North length about 589 m South length about 604 m.

All optical path Channel Three quarter opened to traffic

After 1400 more days construction of various optical path Channel new engineering finally into end, is expected to in this year the third quarter opened to traffic.

All optical path channel from the south of National Exhibition and Convention Center are found as far north as Huacao town Nord easy green highway full-length 2.8 mi, is a single tube double-layer layout of tunnel design for two-way four lane design at 40 mi/hours. Built after contacts in Qingpu, Minhang of public will increase a new road. All optical path channel and S26 into the city segment common formation Northern fast channel, for National Exhibition and Convention Center and West Hongqiao area provide the foreign contact of channel, effective relieve Yan’an Elevated Road traffic pressure.

STEC Shanghai, tunnel the project total engineer Zhu of silver introduced all optical path Channel is the equipment debugging, at present and about 50 more than construction personnel is the fire, radio and test. It and a national record is domestic First article all prefabricated assembly of tunnel, prefabricated assembly rate more than 90%. (Liberation Daily reporter Qi Ying Pu)

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National Exhibition and Convention Center and surrounding start AR Image panoramic construction

New network Shanghai, July 26 electric (reporter Ginger Yu Prince Tao) shanghai government deputy secretary-general, city service security leadership group office director of Jade worship English 26 day said, the second session of the jin bo will the preparation work has been into facing battles decisive battle stage, jin bo will held National Exhibition and Convention Center is to create “wisdom public security” an upgraded version of, start the Convention and Exhibition Center and its surrounding regional AR Image panoramic construction, comprehensive Upgrade security work of “precision, visualization, intelligent, professional “.

Day Shanghai, departments combined with held the second session of the jin bo will countdown 100 Days News Conference, the folk English in conference on the said current, shanghai, city service security work Comprehensive into high standard, fast-paced, tight run for preparing for the work State, efforts to the second session of the jin bo will more security, more color, service security better, overflow effect better.

It is reported that the second jin bo will During Shanghai, will Comprehensive optimization city traffic organization scheme, based on large passenger flow provide better security; hotel stay to take “quality the price rise stability” the measures, continue to implementation price control; food and drink aspects timely adjustment food and drink service structure, perfect halal, Jewish kosher, vegetarian and other characteristics food and drink and in, western food supply, promote National Exhibition and Convention Center Shanghai, characteristics snacks Pavilion of quality and upgrade, introduced more reflected Shanghai, food and drink culture of breakfast engineering brand and time-honored brand.

In addition, shanghai, also will be the implementation of the market more orderly, medical health security more timely, energy communication more stable, Meteorological environmental protection more precision, news propaganda more momentum and jin bo will security service measures.

The folk English revealed, the second session of the jin bo will continue to curing used the first session of the jin bo will Natural 20 a number of policy measures, such as “exhibits exhibition After into customs special supervision areas after be write-off” and, and new the “expand exhibition product of sales function” and 5 the new deal.

, China International Import bo lan ju deputy director Sun into the sea. In conference on the said for improve exhibition experience and exhibition effect, the second session of the jin bo will national exhibition will be Optimization organization mode, increase the exhibition country this national conditions, customs. And situation of introduced, deepen parties of participating countries of know and cognitive. The second session of the jin bo will closing after national exhibition also will be carried out for a period 10 days of extension, and accept social audience appointment free exhibition. The Enterprise and Business Exhibition aspects the positive explore sustainable business operation mode by market-oriented means to carry out the work, the establishment of Sound mechanism constantly improve international, professional, market-oriented, brand level.

According to Sun into the sea. Introduced, the second session of the jin bo will of opening forum-the second session of the Hongqiao International Economic Forum of theme for “open innovation cooperation win-win “, 4 Sub-forum will respectively around business environment, artificial intelligent, WTO reform, electronic business and content the discussion. The forum will reference international mature forum practice take “membership + registration system” style, strengthen Forum of mechanism operation further to create global political and business of research from all walks of common participation of high-end dialogue platform.

Conference on, shanghai Public Security Bureau, City Municipal Commission of Commerce, City Traffic Commission, City Culture Tourism Bureau, City greening city council, Municipal Party Committee, Shanghai customs of about head respectively introduced the their respective department the second session of the jin bo will security work of progress situation. (After)

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Shanghai, to create artificial intelligent “global arena”

New network Shanghai, July 30 electric (Zheng Ying-Ying Wei cardiac static) according to Shanghai Municipal Committee 30 day release of message, shanghai, artificial intelligent industry development is present a clear of “Wild Goose effect “. To 2020 Shanghai, to formation 60 a ai depth application scene, 6 A innovation application demonstration area, to build national artificial intelligent development heights.

At present a number of AI depth application scene has the first test the water. Such as with the Shanghai life garbage management regulations “in July 1 is-implementation, “artificial intelligent in life garbage classification in application” scene demand concern, specific demand cover life garbage AI intelligent recognition alarm, classification removal, automatic classification, to garbage recycle the entire process.

And such, shanghai, Sports College, China Table Tennis College of “intelligent table tennis coach” application scene put forward the demand, including the professional athletes ball action of targeted training, for beginners or lovers of teaching, and support against, simulation training of intelligent table tennis robot and.

It is reported that the artificial intelligent has been promoted to Shanghai, priority development strategy industry development into “fast track “, shanghai, preliminary built for, China artificial intelligent development of leading in one.

Artificial Intelligent Enterprise aspects Microsoft, Amazon and international science and technology giant, for Shanghai, AI industry bring international view and open collaborative exchange of opportunity; baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and domestic leading enterprise, iFlytek, Shang Tang, Cambrian, cloud and industry Unicorn, use their own of technology accumulation All. AI or empowerment businesses; by figure, dark blue, Krypton letter and other local artificial intelligent cutting-edge enterprise and more start-up enterprise, is for industry development injection vitality, big base. In government key support and cultivation under these enterprise based on Shanghai, solid of industry chain based and entrepreneurship atmosphere, fast growth in their respective quickly.

Regional agglomeration guide effect show. At present Shanghai, the city has formation to Pudong Zhangjiang, Xuhui Riverside key regional for lead, yangpu, Changning, Minhang, Jing ‘an and other the regional linkage, maqiao and innovation pilot area start of development pattern.

In addition Shanghai, of AI innovation platform construction steadily promote, here both Microsoft-instrument innovation platform, Shanghai, brain science and class brain research center, Jiaotong University, Fudan, tongji related basic R & D platform and research institutions; also have Amazon, Ali, Baidu, iFlytek of artificial intelligent innovation center, tencent, SAIC, Baosteel artificial intelligent Laboratory, national Integrated Circuit, intelligent sensor innovation center and industry innovation center, shang Tang artificial intelligent count force platform, Fudan Microelectronics heterogeneous intelligent chip project, the filmmakers work Intelligent Medical Innovation platform and project also in accelerated construction in.

According to related report display the country has 1/3 artificial intelligent talent agglomeration Shanghai, shanghai, especially in computer vision, speech semantic recognition, brain Wisdom Engineering and field is very influence. (After)

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