Shanghai, to create artificial intelligent “global arena”

New network Shanghai, July 30 electric (Zheng Ying-Ying Wei cardiac static) according to Shanghai Municipal Committee 30 day release of message, shanghai, artificial intelligent industry development is present a clear of “Wild Goose effect “. To 2020 Shanghai, to formation 60 a ai depth application scene, 6 A innovation application demonstration area, to build national artificial intelligent development heights.

At present a number of AI depth application scene has the first test the water. Such as with the Shanghai life garbage management regulations “in July 1 is-implementation, “artificial intelligent in life garbage classification in application” scene demand concern, specific demand cover life garbage AI intelligent recognition alarm, classification removal, automatic classification, to garbage recycle the entire process.

And such, shanghai, Sports College, China Table Tennis College of “intelligent table tennis coach” application scene put forward the demand, including the professional athletes ball action of targeted training, for beginners or lovers of teaching, and support against, simulation training of intelligent table tennis robot and.

It is reported that the artificial intelligent has been promoted to Shanghai, priority development strategy industry development into “fast track “, shanghai, preliminary built for, China artificial intelligent development of leading in one.

Artificial Intelligent Enterprise aspects Microsoft, Amazon and international science and technology giant, for Shanghai, AI industry bring international view and open collaborative exchange of opportunity; baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and domestic leading enterprise, iFlytek, Shang Tang, Cambrian, cloud and industry Unicorn, use their own of technology accumulation All. AI or empowerment businesses; by figure, dark blue, Krypton letter and other local artificial intelligent cutting-edge enterprise and more start-up enterprise, is for industry development injection vitality, big base. In government key support and cultivation under these enterprise based on Shanghai, solid of industry chain based and entrepreneurship atmosphere, fast growth in their respective quickly.

Regional agglomeration guide effect show. At present Shanghai, the city has formation to Pudong Zhangjiang, Xuhui Riverside key regional for lead, yangpu, Changning, Minhang, Jing ‘an and other the regional linkage, maqiao and innovation pilot area start of development pattern.

In addition Shanghai, of AI innovation platform construction steadily promote, here both Microsoft-instrument innovation platform, Shanghai, brain science and class brain research center, Jiaotong University, Fudan, tongji related basic R & D platform and research institutions; also have Amazon, Ali, Baidu, iFlytek of artificial intelligent innovation center, tencent, SAIC, Baosteel artificial intelligent Laboratory, national Integrated Circuit, intelligent sensor innovation center and industry innovation center, shang Tang artificial intelligent count force platform, Fudan Microelectronics heterogeneous intelligent chip project, the filmmakers work Intelligent Medical Innovation platform and project also in accelerated construction in.

According to related report display the country has 1/3 artificial intelligent talent agglomeration Shanghai, shanghai, especially in computer vision, speech semantic recognition, brain Wisdom Engineering and field is very influence. (After)

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