Jin bo will 11 the key engineering “hot” promote

Yesterday Shanghai, continuous tenth day cloth high temperature early warning. Qingpu corner hot scene also in on: have “Four Leaf Clover” of said of National Exhibition and Convention Center in, the second session of the jin bo will exhibition scale improve engineering into peak-2000 more than and 100 more than giant equipment synchronous operation picture quite spectacular.

According to city housing urban and rural construction management committee message, the second session, China International Import Expo key engineering construction project there are 11 the project is accelerating, part has been completed and put into operation.

“New second floor” iron and steel skeleton show

High 32 m of 1, pavilion, 2, Pavilion, common of “Four-Leaf Clover” of a “leaves” is this exhibition scale improve site. It is reported that pavilion transverse “all two” after from “single-layer” variable “double-layer “, is expected to be new 60 thousand square meters of can exhibition area. Pavilion outside also new two ramp convenient to “new second floor” send exhibits of vehicle traffic.

Reporter in field see on thousands workers is full swing to the hoisting and solder, more than hundred sets super-large equipment present at back and forth shuttle. Work personnel take shift, machine keep the style the 24 hours construction. Shanghai, construction ji shi Group relevant responsible person said this transformation workload big, time tight. Exhibition scale improve required of with steel reached 43 thousand tons, equivalent to Tesla super factory with steel of 2 to 3 times, close to Shanghai, center building with steel of the half.

Venues in for support “new second floor” of steel skeleton has appeared. Steel Structure complete after Will the mechanical and electrical installation and internal decoration, is expected to “Storey-adding” engineering in September the end of all completed.

Late last year start of the second session of the jin bo will be an important supporting engineering-Songze Avenue overpass bridge people non-Facilities Engineering, is nervous the construction of is expected to October opened to traffic.

This “opened to traffic” said of non-motor vehicle. China Railway Bureau Shanghai, the company about engineer said, songze Avenue people non-facilities refers to the IS in railway below dug up a tunnel, to pedestrians and non-motor vehicle traffic. This tunnel is located in glowa min elevated-Songze elevated interchange, because interchange range in No by Shanghai-Kunming railway of non-motorized Lane, lead to pedestrians and non-motor vehicle from west to east blocked this few years, surrounding residents of traffic demand more and more strong. Built after tunnel will improve lu wang diantong line efficiency improve regional slow traffic travel conditions.

Songze Avenue overpass bridge people non-facilities engineering west small Lai port west of East to hxpaper lu intersection, channel North length about 589 m South length about 604 m.

All optical path Channel Three quarter opened to traffic

After 1400 more days construction of various optical path Channel new engineering finally into end, is expected to in this year the third quarter opened to traffic.

All optical path channel from the south of National Exhibition and Convention Center are found as far north as Huacao town Nord easy green highway full-length 2.8 mi, is a single tube double-layer layout of tunnel design for two-way four lane design at 40 mi/hours. Built after contacts in Qingpu, Minhang of public will increase a new road. All optical path channel and S26 into the city segment common formation Northern fast channel, for National Exhibition and Convention Center and West Hongqiao area provide the foreign contact of channel, effective relieve Yan’an Elevated Road traffic pressure.

STEC Shanghai, tunnel the project total engineer Zhu of silver introduced all optical path Channel is the equipment debugging, at present and about 50 more than construction personnel is the fire, radio and test. It and a national record is domestic First article all prefabricated assembly of tunnel, prefabricated assembly rate more than 90%. (Liberation Daily reporter Qi Ying Pu)

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National Exhibition and Convention Center and surrounding start AR Image panoramic construction

New network Shanghai, July 26 electric (reporter Ginger Yu Prince Tao) shanghai government deputy secretary-general, city service security leadership group office director of Jade worship English 26 day said, the second session of the jin bo will the preparation work has been into facing battles decisive battle stage, jin bo will held National Exhibition and Convention Center is to create “wisdom public security” an upgraded version of, start the Convention and Exhibition Center and its surrounding regional AR Image panoramic construction, comprehensive Upgrade security work of “precision, visualization, intelligent, professional “.

Day Shanghai, departments combined with held the second session of the jin bo will countdown 100 Days News Conference, the folk English in conference on the said current, shanghai, city service security work Comprehensive into high standard, fast-paced, tight run for preparing for the work State, efforts to the second session of the jin bo will more security, more color, service security better, overflow effect better.

It is reported that the second jin bo will During Shanghai, will Comprehensive optimization city traffic organization scheme, based on large passenger flow provide better security; hotel stay to take “quality the price rise stability” the measures, continue to implementation price control; food and drink aspects timely adjustment food and drink service structure, perfect halal, Jewish kosher, vegetarian and other characteristics food and drink and in, western food supply, promote National Exhibition and Convention Center Shanghai, characteristics snacks Pavilion of quality and upgrade, introduced more reflected Shanghai, food and drink culture of breakfast engineering brand and time-honored brand.

In addition, shanghai, also will be the implementation of the market more orderly, medical health security more timely, energy communication more stable, Meteorological environmental protection more precision, news propaganda more momentum and jin bo will security service measures.

The folk English revealed, the second session of the jin bo will continue to curing used the first session of the jin bo will Natural 20 a number of policy measures, such as “exhibits exhibition After into customs special supervision areas after be write-off” and, and new the “expand exhibition product of sales function” and 5 the new deal.

, China International Import bo lan ju deputy director Sun into the sea. In conference on the said for improve exhibition experience and exhibition effect, the second session of the jin bo will national exhibition will be Optimization organization mode, increase the exhibition country this national conditions, customs. And situation of introduced, deepen parties of participating countries of know and cognitive. The second session of the jin bo will closing after national exhibition also will be carried out for a period 10 days of extension, and accept social audience appointment free exhibition. The Enterprise and Business Exhibition aspects the positive explore sustainable business operation mode by market-oriented means to carry out the work, the establishment of Sound mechanism constantly improve international, professional, market-oriented, brand level.

According to Sun into the sea. Introduced, the second session of the jin bo will of opening forum-the second session of the Hongqiao International Economic Forum of theme for “open innovation cooperation win-win “, 4 Sub-forum will respectively around business environment, artificial intelligent, WTO reform, electronic business and content the discussion. The forum will reference international mature forum practice take “membership + registration system” style, strengthen Forum of mechanism operation further to create global political and business of research from all walks of common participation of high-end dialogue platform.

Conference on, shanghai Public Security Bureau, City Municipal Commission of Commerce, City Traffic Commission, City Culture Tourism Bureau, City greening city council, Municipal Party Committee, Shanghai customs of about head respectively introduced the their respective department the second session of the jin bo will security work of progress situation. (After)

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