2019 horse focus “achievements fly where” launched “broken three” runner exclusive memorial T-SHIRT

New network Shanghai, July 29 electric (Reporter Miao Lu) 2019 Shanghai International Marathon 29 day evening in Huangpu River held News Conference, this event to “achievements fly where” for events slogan in power runners achievements extraordinary speed of at the same time, also will efforts make horse become global first White Gold marathon events.

Horse chuang sai in 1996 so far has gone through 24 years of growth process, 2018 International IAAF for the first time the global events rankings, shanghai International Marathon to global 15th name among the world events of forest the become domestic the first.

2019 Shanghai International Marathon will be November 17 run, events is divided into the full marathon, 10 mi/, 5.5 mi/fitness run three a project, A total of 38000 a competition open-ended. 2019 Shanghai International Marathon total size keep and project number distribution is last year no changes, full marathon, 10 mi/and fitness run of competition scale respectively for 25000 people, 6000 and 7000 people. And this year the end of the arrangements layout also will lengthen the game finished streamline opened participants travel distance, maximum limit and avoid backlog.

2019 Shanghai International Marathon of starting point still in Shanghai, the city search Bund Jinniu Square, through the Bund, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street Temple, Jingan Temple, Shanghai, China, Longhua Temple and Shanghai, iconic attractions, final arrival rich ritual of end Shanghai Stadium.

And every year much runner attention and guess of registration information also in Day announced in terms of the population of different, registration will be divided into three types the first a class for straight horse and elite runners registration, pass-through horse runner refers to the IS 2019 Shanghai, international woman Half Marathon before 200 participants, 2019 Shanghai, International half marathon man semi-before 600 A, woman half before 300 A of participants.

Elite runners, refers to the IS 2018 Shanghai International Marathon Race results to the, China Track and Field Association Marathon and related movement mass player level evaluation implementation method of in on the age elite level player results requirements of participants, the two class runners registration time for July 29 20:30 to July 31 17:00, login horse network or horse official app for registration without in draw, complete payment after direct will receive a qualification.

The second part is divided into public runners registration will take public pre-registration and the draw of registration style, pre-registration time for August 1 10:00 to August 12 17:00. Pre-registration results will be August 23 afternoon announced, check of runners can in published draw results after the day afternoon to August 26 17:00 by a pay-per, to get competition qualification.

The third part is the horse public interest in 2019 Shanghai International Marathon Charity Runner registration, the organizing committee by Shanghai Sports Development Foundation principal set up 2019 Shanghai International Marathon charity open-ended 500 seats, all charity donation gold will injection Shanghai Sports Development Foundation under the horse Special Fund, this mobilization social from all walks of power raise funds advocate sports spirit for help social vulnerable group physical fitness, promote the sports and sports public welfare cause of development. Charity runner registration will be July 29 20:30 start competition project only whole marathon full so far.

In order to let every hot running of people can equality enjoy participate in the sports of opportunity highlight events equality, this year the organizing committee also will continue to open persons with disabilities registration channel wheelchair player can through Shanghai Disabled Persons Federation for registration, audio-visual obstacles runner can be through the official website of the special registration channel the sign up for a, by Shanghai Disabled Persons Federation audit by After can the registration, such as no run with the runner organizing committee also will for its arrangements run.

In order to effective of avoid private transfer open-ended, for run, rub run and phenomenon, horse launched the out of the race application of process, successful registration of players such as for personal reasons can’t competition of can in October 14, 2019 10:00-October 17 17:00 put forward application return full registration fee. Registration fee will be after seven working days in Back to participants for an arcane payment of account October 17 After cannot apply for out of the race. All application out of the race of runner once application irrevocable, and shall not be again by other any way get the events open-ended.

In addition three hours this is a for marathon lovers for not strange of time, in three hours in complete a field marathon is many amateur runners life pursuit of ultimate goal. 2018 total 720 in Shanghai International Marathon on ran into 3 hours mark, refresh the was, China marathon events of the highest record. In order to stimulate more and more runner constantly beyond self-of belief, 2019 Shanghai International Marathon as an domestic mainstream marathon of first, heavy launch “broken three” runner exclusive memorial T-SHIRT, this return as an “broken three” runners of horse of support and right Run movement of enthusiasm.

In order to stimulate more Chinese excellent runner of potential, encourage more runner join to serious runners of ranks in, this year horse ad hoc Chinese runners ming ci jiang first for 45000 yuan RMB the second called 20000 yuan RMB, the third called 12000 yuan RMB total before eight nan nv athletes. (After)

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“Far East first floor” Peace Hotel Welcome 90 anniversary of the birthday

New network Shanghai, August 2 electric (Prince Tao sheng ying) August 1 late, shanghai, the Bund iconic building, had “far east first floor” of said of Peace Hotel usher in 90 anniversary of the birthday. Chef team with 90 days the peace characteristics giant cake for Hotel 90-year-old birthday, glass artist of sen bin for Peace Hotel 90 anniversary of the creation and donation of art glass sculpture the Peace Dove of also in field appearance.

Peace Hotel was built in 1929 formerly known as Chinachem hotel of Chicago School Gothic building, hotel is located in Shanghai, of Nanjing East Road and the Bund the intersection. Celebration field symbol the Peace Angel, art incarnation of the Peace Dove of art glass sculpture appearance, the sculpture based on traditional glass process body, with deconstruction-of modern art language performance Peace Dove wings of beautiful attitude.

It is reported that the Peace Dove of representative peace, is Peace Hotel image best of symbol-“Oriental living room” of past glory, in new era will continue. In peace time in Open mind acceptance plus through our honest do, China and countries friendship the Angel of.

Activities on-site from Europe of tap artist around the octagonal central stage dance, from Russia art university of dancer show air dance performance. At the same time Peace Hotel elderly jazz group offer play with music interpretation Shanghai culture and Sir soul, and present guests celebrate Peace Hotel 90 anniversary and the third session of the Peace Culture Art Festival of Prelude.

August 2-8 month 7/day during many culture art activities also in peace hotel one by one kicked off. August 2, cenozoic art illustrator, designer He Ping will in peace hotel “He Ping met Peace” paintings exhibition salon, with through our honest through shi jian zhang lang to a field peace of art journey. August 5 of Peace Poetry share will more a poetry society Union teacher will field read share poetry. August 6, history Building column writer Joe dispute months will and the Bund History Building of fans share thematic lecture “Bund, dreams and peace “about legend Bund legend history characters of story. August 7 will the 1930s vintage dance performance and elderly jazz group of legend play.

Peace Hotel general manager, Accor Hotel, China regional general manager georgewee said: “Peace Hotel in 90 years ago is was Shanghai, the most luxury modern of hotel. 90 years later of today here still is Shanghai, of search building, is Shanghai The Bund center the most shine of Pearl. 90 Years Peace Hotel witness the Shanghai, the situation changes and brilliant achievements, as an Shanghai, Culture Art Center, the hotel, we more will lead witness future Shanghai, of culture art of vigorous development.” (After)

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