Garbage classification promote speed fast “Shanghai really different”

This July Shanghai, if have than temperature more hot of that certain is garbage classification! Today the Shanghai life garbage management regulations of formal implementation “Full Moon “. This a month in residential garbage start fixed-point put, on the road of trash can is becoming more and more specification and reduce. In addition and some unexpected of change also in quietly.

6:50 Yangliuqing Road Guangxi sociological New Village

A month volunteers more and more peace of mind

“Lord uncle Lennon garbage points the cutting ?” “Lady Lennon at present old spirit amount “…… Morning Guangxi sociological village garbage fixed-point put, zhang Ju Rong speaking a Shanghai dialect longing for to the residents greetings. June this year start, she every day 7/when it will appear in cell garbage classification fixed-point put one of the point.

50-year-old of Zhang Ju rong lai from Anhui Xuancheng in Guangxi sociological live uptown. 5 years. She is a warm-hearted often help to clean the corridor rainy day drain blocking the even hand-to-hand dredge. Garbage classification the beginning of someone worry about tenant classification less than a but Zhang Ju Rong subversion. This idea. She not only your own garbage classification well done also active registration when garbage classification volunteers. As an A on “Time” work family of foreign workers, she every day rather spend two hours in volunteer service on let many residents moved. In She of help under community residents garbage classification will more and more strong.

“Garbage classification formal implementation a month to volunteers is more and more peace of mind .” Zhang Ju Rong said a month in, she only found a residents ride “projectile” garbage bags of Don’t civilization behavior.

Volunteer service time to partner with a smile of Zhang Ju Rong said: “Xiao Zhang, this month Lennon Shanghai dialect also speak to more and more.”

10:00 Weikang Road innovation Farm

Summer is cultivation kitchen thick soil good time

“In community garden grafting garbage classification concept it too perfect .” Tongji University building and city planning College professor Liu Yue to from plant among Lift Head face excited. In innovation Farm in, liu Yue to have another identity-public interest organization “Four Leaf Clover Hall teen natural experience Service Center” founder. He in this once full construction waste of city “scrap” land built “rain habitat “, planning “songs Garden “.

Kitchen garbage and pet feces in here into fertile soil. Liu Yue to of “Kitchen thick soil cultivation” in “green material” is every family of kitchen garbage-first the kitchen waste of water drain, shop in soil on covered with thick layer soil again laying a layer of leaves or sawdust, Rice Husk, and covered with a layer of soil. Summer is cultivation kitchen thick soil of good time in this of soil on the planting, A year all don’t need fertilization.

Farm in also equipped with compost box used to collection leaves and pet feces. Container production convenient with barbed wire or bamboo around into a certain height of device, leaves and feces a layer of up. To certain degree especially is rain after accumulation will to sinking final bottom first variable cooked, cooked off of part can out to do fertilizer. “The whole process is a Aerobic fermentation of process a week biodegradable .”

Liu Yue to lead team construction of community garden has more than 60 A. Garbage classification of promote to he a lot of new inspiration. Recently he is to encourage community residents themselves, abandoned the old sink and items transformation into view ornaments hidden in flowers in.

13:30, Tongpu road sea Royal Purple Palace

Floor not withdrawal bucket classification pick don’t go wrong

Garbage classification since,, Tongpu road sea Royal Purple Palace community although additional the timing fixed-point bin room and intelligent reclaims box, but each floor and no withdrawal bucket.

Lunch time just. Property manager dynasty Forest call volunteers Deng your Jane, in each floor of corridor in out-of-the-box check garbage classification. A circle go down almost pick don’t go wrong. Building a ladder a, the same floor two users in the middle of the public space with a do wet two trash can. Xiao qu bao clean water personnel will to each floor garbage. Because the number of less who of garbage round good at a glance.

Had property promise don’t withdrawal bucket residents the commitment in door do garbage classification. Deng your Jane said a month to community never for garbage classification of things happened dispute. A start she found a neighbor share not enough good write note posted on the garbage the second days, note was take the problem also does not exist.

18:30 wan hang du lu China hospital community

Residents open “garbage classification” social

Bin room open before 5 minutes retirement residents of pei ya it. A clean and tidy of clothing also of the point makeup day she on duty, to in bin room waiting by the two hours. She said: “We the own of image and life quality have requirements, garbage classification is related to Shanghai, life quality this. A little all can not be sloppy.”

“Allah Community Implementation trash classification than people early. For almost a year .” Down of pei ya refers to the orientation reporter see, cleaner is to a do wet two 240 L of Big Trash Can pushed to dumpster before residents have, open wet garbage bags poured out garbage again to bag into dry trash can, and the residents to finishing clean of empty bottle, cardboard box and to leave solely to cleaner, as an can recovery garbage processing. Half a Hours in not found a case classification improper.

By fixed-point garbage of time community in usually difficult to meet the residents also talk about home. This is garbage classification open of social New mode promote the neighborhood feelings.

21:00 Zhenru Street office

Street reform the “wet garbage transfer artifact”

90 after Zhu Qi is Zhenru jie dao xin media propaganda officer. Recently a time she by street “officer micro-” platform propaganda garbage classification. She said in garbage classification this. On hardware facilities upgrade replacement, residents of classification skills also more and more have grow.

Not long ago street design. A kind of “wet garbage transfer artifact “, full a bucket weighing up to 150 kilograms of wet garbage just 1 personal it can easy pushing on the road. This is street work personnel almost see market all truck after comparison, trial and the three times modified, design the of “Artifact “. Zhu Qi take the video, with the text do the of WeChat became “explosion models “.

This summer Zhu Qi and colleagues adhere to run community also found the some problem:. The delivery time a name throw garbage of aunt the bag to hang garbage room door handle on. “How to make residents better to adapt to timing fixed-point garbage ?” “If really difficult to timing put whether have other method solve ?” She to these problem and thinking one by one remember down preparing to launch residents to a discussion.

23:00 National Day road printing salesroom

Business do more garbage classification also

Wenzhou People Chen Yan East ten years ago in Zhejiang North Road, open the home printing shop, now the store relocation to National Day Road. Business do the ten years, he how also can’t think “garbage classification” was to own bring new business opportunities.

This year five June start he of business suddenly the up. A lot of advertising the company him design makes junk classification publicity materials, have classification trash can on the identification, activities with the sign and various bags, small stickers and other. In order to these Order Chen Yan East every day overtime some, also in friends circle emergency recruitment printer, die-cutting work such.

Chen Yan East said past never care about “garbage classification” business do more, natural became. Different color of identification, different style of distinguish between methods he all get. Don’t know before this foreign small business owners also into Shanghai, garbage classification of tide. In he eyes garbage classification promote speed fast “Shanghai really different .” (Liberation Daily reporter Luan Yin)

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