Night tour Chang Xiang natural learn to love life

On Friday 18 when 30 points was night cover of Century Park cicadas sound, A group from Shanghai, District of parents and children gathered to park, in this year in here held the last a night tour activities. Primary school students bed ke han just from cram school class it non-stop to in night tour. “Children has been very looking forward to this activities !” Bed ke han mother said.

Little Lotus Leaf hidden many secret

In night tour of children first received the set of equipment, contains Night Tour Manual, badge, headlights, backpack and, then preview the May will in Night Tour in concerned with the biological knowledge. That night of guide one, City wilderness studio teacher Guo Yan Green to children throw a lot of problem: spider is arthropod animal? Insects have what characteristics? Crocodile if amphibious animal? And one by one past.

Night tour start children standing in the middle of a huge lotus pond before they was got of the first a problem is: “Why rain fall lotus leaf on tumbled not the lotus leaf wet?” Original lotus leaf on have a layer of thin “villi” villi between of density very big, water droplets of surface tension can’t penetration. So not wet lotus leaf. And this of structure also can will dust and other pollutants exclude out when it rains dust was washed away, refreshing of lotus leaf the keep respiratory unobstructed. Small a lotus leaf original also hidden so more secret!

Learning knowledge outside harvest courage

More that the excited children of link is in night observation to various living of small animals.

In a plant height Big of poplar on, guo Yan Green found a only adult fingers so long of cloud gray article longicorn beetles. Than books on of pictures, this wave the long tentacles of cloud gray article longicorn beetles obviously very attractive, not only children acute the little head up past staring at See, some parents also at longicorn beetles take from the photos. Guo Yan Green pointing to Poplar bottom for circular opening tell children, these are cloud gray article longicorn beetles of emergence hole so this alternatus hope is the pests.

Night tour of another important link is Century Park everywhere visible of biological prevention and control measures. Such as was explain teacher called “food trap” of insect catching device, is by in a sticky on with all kinds of moth like of taste attract they flying, then was sticky stick; was called “beauty moth of” of biological pest control device, the IS by in insect catching device internal with artificial synthesis of female moth sex pheromone of attract male moth. When male moth was attract from plastic tube of gap fly when it never can’t run away.

With children the second times in night tour activities of leaf Ms. tell reporter, children like see Fabre of the insects remember of these biological very interested in. In reality in see longicorn beetles, praying mantis impression will profound much, also more easy to stimulate children of interest. A A with daughter to in night tour of parents the said children before very afraid various bugs, but in night tour neutralization many children play with she is courage most. Believe if more in a few times that of activities on exercise Children of Courage will very benefits.

Natural Education activities more and more popularity

In addition to Century Park Shanghai Botanical Garden, Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden and distribution in Shanghai, different regional of biological base, all in held similar of natural education activities. Last year Shanghai, botanical garden launch of 40 a “unannounced visits Night Elf” open-ended on-line 3 minutes that was sold out, century Park this year of 480 a night tour open-ended in open the second days that is all run out, and parents complain that Rob can’t.

In Guo Yan Green looks like no matter the parents or the children, practice of natural science education in let they learn knowledge of at the same time, also more real realize that every a kind of plant and animal are have life of are worth was respect.

Professional of popular science workers will relative boring of knowledge with the children know the language said out, can further stimulate they of interest and curiosity, future in children in that perhaps will come, China of “Fabre! (Liberation Daily reporter Li bao hua)

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