The second session of the jin bo will countdown 100 days Shanghai, city service security work promote general assembly held

New network Shanghai, July 27 electric (Prince Tao ginger Yu Kangyu Cham) July 27, the second session, China International Import Expo countdown 100 heaven city service security work promote general assembly in National Exhibition and Convention Center (shanghai) held. Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Secretary Li Qiang in meeting stressed that, to thoroughly implement the implementation Xi Jinping General Secretary on “import expo not only to year after year do, and to do the level, do the effectiveness, the do better “of important instructions spirit, according to import expo organizing committee unified deployment go all out provide first-class city service security, the standard higher requirements, show better level, create a better environment, stimulate more innovation, efforts do exhibition upgrade, service upgrade, image upgrade, results upgrade ensure that done international first-class expo.

Ministry of Commerce Minister Zhongshan attended and speech Shanghai, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, mayor should be Yong, took the chair. City People’s Congress Standing Committee director Yin a Trybunalski, municipal CPPCC the President dong yunzi Tiger of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, Vice Minister Wang Bingnan, municipal party committee deputy secretary of the yin hong attend.

Li Qiang pointed out that run import expo, is Xi Jinping comrade for core of the Party Central Committee to we of major political task, is Shanghai, development of major opportunities to enhance the ideological consciousness and action consciousness, for the city’s of force do the second session of the import expo service security work. Comprehensive the standard “The Do Better” requirements, key focus “scale more, quality better, innovation stronger, level higher, effectiveness better” target, to implement the task division of labor all-round optimization, perfect, improve service security, power International exhibition enlarge the effectiveness, International Forum worked, China voice.

Li Qiang pointed out that to In improve quality, more fine, more temperature up and down kung fu, speed up promote venues transformation upgrade and key project construction continuous optimization exhibition service and city service, full security important foreign affairs activities strengthen volunteers team construction, let inside and outside guests, exhibitors customers more experience, sense of gain. Carefully the organization of a comprehensive walkthrough, promote venue facilities more perfect, guide identification more reasonable, emergency response more quickly.

Li Qiang pointed out that to import expo as an improved work of important starting point, show image of important window, to create more charm of city environment, international first-class of business environment. Queen City environment regulation improve city management level better highlight Shanghai, “World living room” of style. Active Service Exhibition enterprise and procurement Enterprise launched a number of reform innovation initiatives, trade facilitation policy. News propaganda to comprehensive in-depth, continuous force constantly enhance the event attention and influence.

Li Qiang stressed that to aim innovation, find the contact, focus force point, further amplification import expo overflow drive effect promote trade upgrade, industry upgrade, open upgrade. Deepening online offline exhibition and trade platform construction agglomeration more how high level trade subject. Strengthen investment docking promote investment, attract more international capital, international business and new technology, new products, new service settled in. Positive and Yangtze River Delta provinces and cities build platform, sharing opportunities speed up construction Hongqiao International Open Hub, improve configuration global resources elements of ability level.

Zhongshan stressed that held, China International Import Expo, is Xi Jinping comrade for core of the Party Central Committee focus on to promote a new round of high level of foreign open which of major decision-making, is we active to world open market of major initiatives. The first session of the import fair successfully held in home and abroad widely influence. We to firmly implement Xi Jinping General Secretary series important instructions spirit improve political stations strengthen political, the thought and action to the Party Central Committee decision-making deployment up solid do the preparatory work, ensure that the second session of the import the Expo a complete success.

Zhongshan pointed out that to in accordance with the General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward of import fair to “the do better” of requirements, strengthen linkage work together, in “scale more, quality better, innovation stronger, level higher, effectiveness better” up and down kung fu, overall promote the exhibition, Forum, city service security and preparatory work ensure that the do better, continue building a international first-class expo to excellent results celebrate new China established 70 anniversary of. (After)

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