City Municipal Commission of Commerce held the second session of the jin bo will battle 100 days promote work meeting

New network Shanghai, news, July 29, (reporter Ginger Yu) city Municipal Commission of Commerce 29 day held the second session of the jin bo will battle 100 days promote work meeting. City Municipal Commission of Commerce Party secretary, director Huayuan for 14 a working group flag and speech; deputy director, Organs Directly under the Party committee secretary of golden root read proposal; deputy director of the hole Fu ‘an release The City Municipal Commission of Commerce the second session, China International Import Expo 100 day action plan “; UNCTAD the, foreign affairs office, service industry the responsible for Comrade representative related addressed the working group.

City Municipal Commission of Commerce Party secretary, director Huayuan for 14 a working group flag

The second session of the jin bo will city service security work has Comprehensive into high standard, fast-paced, tight run for preparing for the work state, city Municipal Commission of Commerce is city service security leadership group of office unit and Shanghai, trading delegation of the Secretariat unit, is business foreign affairs, food and drink supply and support group of lead unit, shoulder the “lead” and “underpinning” of double task, task especially heavy, responsibility especially major. For this, city Municipal Commission of Commerce develop the City Municipal Commission of Commerce, China International Import Expo service security leadership group work programme of set up the by main leadership as leader of leadership group set up the 14 a support group, develop the 14 a special work programme deployment the 100 day action plan.

Huayuan said to profound know run jin bo will of important significance attention degree to again improve, firmly overcome experience of and paralysis thought; work standard to again improve, in “improve quality, more fine, more temperature” up and down kung fu. To always adhere to the problem-oriented in Solve Problem on do “Subtraction “, in perfect service on do “addition “. Active investigation problem and hidden trouble effective grooming problems Key effectively find out the causes of the problem to be done and solve problem, ensure that similar problems don’t repeat. At the same time also further to work want to deep, want to all, fine, special to for the first session of the Not Met of work and task effective docking demand, effective prevent and to solve the problems of new problem.

Huayuan stressed that to seize the opportunities skillfully by Dongfeng aim innovation, identify the point, focus force point, play good jin bo will overflow drive effect promote trade upgrade, industry upgrade, open upgrade, constantly enhance development new can. Effective Queen investment work efforts attract more international organization, international institutions settled, attract more international capital, international settled in attract more new technology, new products, new service settled in. Big do strong all kinds of trade platform, deepening “6 days + 365 days” one-stop trading service platform construction, to create linkage Yangtze River Delta, Service National, radiation Asia-Pacific of import product distribution center. Consolidate development system innovation results, curing, copy and promotion first session jin bo will Landing of trade facilitation measures, speed up the formation in line with international practice of normalization trade facilitation system.

“To focus comprehensive coordination, business Foreign Affairs, Forum, food and drink service and other key security task, further and strengthen system, Specification Standard, optimization process, do coordination more powerful, security more fine, reception more thoughtful, customs clearance more convenient, trading more effectiveness go all out Battle run-off, for jin bo will ‘The Do Better’ to Shanghai, business cadres should be some contribution, to excellent results to meet new China established 70 anniversary of the “Huayuan said. (After)

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