Shanghai, Pudong first pilot “industry a syndrome” promote industry access approval reform

Shanghai Pudong New District 31 day issued the first industry “comprehensive license “. According to local official said move is Pudong in mainland China the first pilot “industry a syndrome “, promote industry access approval reform. Yellow Sun read Photo

Pudong official said, present of “industry a syndrome” reform is “license separation” reform of deepening and continue, target is to from “to Department for center” of a single matters reform, steering “to enterprise for center” into “a thing” of business process revolutionary reconstruction.

“To open a convenience store as an example past enterprise business license the to have 5 bed license, including food security license, tobacco monopoly license, medical equipment sales license and.” According to Shanghai Pudong New District Enterprise Service Center director Jiang Red Army introduced “industry a syndrome” reform after, enterprise in Pudong start convenience store only need to deal with a comprehensive industry license can be-conduct market research under specific direction or theme to provide support for production/operation team.-Work operation. Processing time from legal of 95 a working days reduced to 5 a working days.

The move also let enterprise shall be given a heavier Forte “fill in the form orthogonal table” in Liberation out. To open convenience store as an example Jiang Red Army said past need to fill in 9 form, now only for 1 bed; need to fill in of 313 the fill in the form elements also reduction for 98 items; need to prepare the material also from 53 a reduce to 10 a.

According to Pudong official said, “Industry a syndrome” reform at present in convenience store, sports fitness venues, hotel, Hotel, small restaurant, fresh-purified drinking small shops, baking shop/bakery, coffee shop/tea houses, bar, pharmacy 10 a Industry in trial.

Day, luneng JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, trillion Wade, Suning shop of representative was the, China the first “industry comprehensive license “, become “industry a syndrome” reform of “early adopters “.

“The past construction this a hotel, need to get fire, public security, health, food and ten several industry license, conventional processing time need to 2 to 3 a month.” Luneng Group Shanghai branch executive director, general manager Sun Mingfeng accept interview when said, now the processing time was compression to 2 weeks within “planned September 20 opening of new hotel, now in advance to August 8.”

Shanghai, Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, Pudong New Area District Party Committee Secretary Weng progenitor bright attend conference, and issued the first convenience store, sports fitness place, hotel industry comprehensive license. (After)

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Shanghai 10 A contestants will participate in World Skills Competition

45th session of the World Skills Competition will be August 22-27 in Russia Kazan held Shanghai, yesterday held competition battle mobilization meeting.

It is reported that, this world skills competition will have 69 a national and area of 1355 a youth player registered competition, registration number more than previous shi sai. China will send 63 a player in all 56 a project game which, 10 A Shanghai, players will be representing the country in 9 a project game, 10 A Shanghai, sent of experts as project experts team leader, 9 A as Project Coach team leader, 6 A as Project Technology translation.

The reporter to China self-2011 join World Skills organization since has been continuous in four session of the shi sai, cumulative made Natural 20 gold, 15 silver, 15 copper and 41 a winner. Shanghai, there are 11 players representative their country results a session than session good, cumulative made 2 gold, 2 silver, 1 Copper and 3 a winner. In 2017 44th session shi sai in, shanghai, players won body repair project, floral project of two block Gold Medal, implementation the Shanghai, player in shi sai since gold medal zero of historic breakthrough.

2021 46th session shi sai will in Shanghai held. City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau deputy director Zhang Lan introduced according to municipal Party committee, municipal government deployment, shanghai, in full do 45th session shi sai training sprint and competition security work of the same time, has to start planning 46th session shi sai player selection training work positive do the preparatory organization work.

Deputy Mayor Peng chen lei attend. (Wen Wei Po reporter weeks Brillouin)

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Bank of China become jin bo will Strategy Partners

New network Shanghai, news, August 2, (reporter Ginger Yu) in the second session, China International Import Expo opening countdown 94 days, bank of China 2 day in Shanghai, grand held “do not forget the beginning of the heart take Mission Service jin bo again — service the second session, China International Import Expo swearing mobilization General Assembly “. Bank of China the director Liu even make a, Chairman Wang Xi all vice minister of commerce, China International Import bo lan ju director Wang Bingnan, shanghai Municipal People’s Government Mayor Wu Tsing attend activities. Day Bank of China official become jin bo will of Strategy Partners.

Bank of China the director Liu even make a speech

Bank of China the director Liu even make a in speech in said, bank of China as an first session jin bo will only bank class comprehensive service support enterprise, full Play globalization, integration advantage full participation in pre-show, development, exhibition after the stage work, to actual action implementation the Party Central Committee major decision-making deployment with financial power support trade power construction. The held service the second session of the import expo swearing mobilization General Assembly, is to give full play to the first session of the jin bo will formation of excellent style, to don’t general of spirit, not general of drive, don’t general of, ensure that the second session of the jin bo will “do the level, do the effectiveness, the do better “.

Vice minister of commerce, China International Import bo lan ju director Wang Bingnan speech

Vice Minister of Commerce, China International Import bo lan ju director Wang Bingnan in speech in said, in the second session, China International Import Expo into before the opening of the key period, bank of China high specification mobilization, high standard deployment, high level the will, fully reflect the Bank of China firm implement central major decision-making deployment, firm support countries a new round of high level of foreign open, firm power jin bo will “the do better” of political stations, is “Keep Early heart, take mission” of active as an and pragmatic initiatives.

Shanghai Municipal People’s Government Mayor Wu Tsing speech

Shanghai Municipal People’s Government Mayor Wu Tsing in speech in said, held, China International Import Expo is central focus on to promote a new round more high level foreign open of major decision-making deployment, is Shanghai, constantly improve level and core competitiveness of major opportunities. Bank of China as an jin bo will only bank class comprehensive service support enterprise, the first jin bo will provide the one-stop, all-round of financial and field service. The second session of the jin bo will has entered the preparatory work being in the emergency stage, hope Bank of China can further agglomeration resources, full advantage in service jin bo at play more as, make greater contribution.

At Bank of China and, China International Import bo lan ju, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) signed the Strategy Partners Agreement and Release jin bo will combined with LOGO. Bank of China become “, China International Import Expo” strategy partners will further play collaborative effect, deepening in breeze investment, promote sale, on-site service, personnel exchange and field of docking and cooperation, power jin bo will the do better.

Bank of China staff representative solemn oath

Activities on-site Bank of China nearly 50 a staff representative solemn oath do not forget the beginning of the heart remember mission, the standard higher requirements provide better service create a better environment stimulate more innovation, for, China International Import Expo provide all-round comprehensive service support.

The second session of the jin bo will organized since, bank of China actively support Ministry of Commerce and import bo lan ju in 12 a national and area promotion, and as an import expo investment road show full support unit collaborative domestic and foreign Around branch institutions full participation in investment road show. At the same time for further improve import expo of financial service experience, bank of China in service first session jin bo will based on introduced more science and technology elements, in cross-border set performance improve, intelligent network to create, mobile phone bank function perfect and three aspects upgrade, to create to “he ju global Huirong world” for theme of all-round comprehensive financial service new programme, for import expo provide more comprehensive, high quality of financial service.

2018 Bank of China as an first session jin bo will only bank class comprehensive service support enterprise, in overseas breeze, in investment, financial products, theme activities, on-site service, supporting activities and other aspects provide all-round support. From set “of, sink, preserving, financial” for one of jin bo will Special Innovation financial products to host “a field docking event” and “three theme forum “; from upgrade make “1 + 1 + 2 + 12” field financial service system to for 71 A national and area issued three thousand more than overseas professional audience documents, bank of China fully participate in to pre-show Preparatory, development service, exhibition after continuation of all aspects, for group of Force comprehensive power first session jin bo will be a complete success. (After)

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City center partition provide meteorological forecast early warning

Meteorological Science and technology level in the forefront of the country of Shanghai, become national first “with wisdom meteorological service city fine management of city one. 7/A is located in the city center of area one after the other partition prediction early warning and city run big data combined, to more precision of data for city operation management recommendations. This year Shanghai, will explore in wisdom public security Foundation geographical information based on the application development wisdom Meteorological Application, this a application results is expected to be for security the second session, China International Import Expo.

Precipitation prediction can be fine to 1 square kilometers

Years ago Shanghai, 9 a suburb of the partition prediction early warning. And 7/A center area covers an area of only the city’s 10% area the small meteorological prediction accuracy requirements the higher, was the science and technology level is difficult to meet.

A field Small of shower traditional weather can only display “local sometimes have shower “. If released early warning center city to linkage response in human material on the waste. If don’t release early warning in Shanghai, that of super-large city in, local shower may be a serious public event.

To Implementation Center City partition prediction early warning meteorological prediction must be more precision. By situation satellite, rocket sounding, radar and UAV and detection technology, numerical prediction, grid prediction and prediction technology level of improve, strengthen the internet, artificial intelligent, big data and technology application, shanghai, wisdom meteorological security City fine management ability to lead the country. Under less than 1 hours of sporadic light rain in meteorological science on the only “0.0” MM, not effective rain now can also be technology “precision capture “.

Shanghai Meteorological Bureau director Dong of introduced after years of science and technology research and independent innovation, shanghai, high-resolution regional numerical prediction technology has reached world leading level, accuracy basic and European medium-term numerical forecast center flat. Which precipitation prediction can be fine to 1 square kilometers in.

Squad than “heavy rain” in advance

In the fine of prediction ability based on from 2015, shanghai, in Yangpu, Huangpu, Xuhui three a Center City have pilot partition prediction early warning, implementation disaster prevention disaster reduction. Huangpu district flood control authorities said Deputy Director thank Chun introduced August 21 last year, area flood control department received a is expected to 1 hours in Huangpu district in short-time strong precipitation of Remind, rescue team than “heavy rain” in advance to Nanpu Bridge near of easy to water points. Due to prepare sufficient no caused by water.

Partition prediction early warning also was into daily city management mechanism. 2018 Xuhui District implementation “city run meteorological risk early warning system “, technology personnel will history meteorological data and city run data clever combined with and establish derived model, for city run decision-making, social management provide recommendations. Shanghai meteorological disasters defense technology center deputy director Wang Qiang introduced this system the artificial intelligent technology, have self-learning ability run just full year time prediction accuracy improve the 50%.

Now meteorological service should also achieve “profit” the by precision forecast early warning, for enterprise production and public life provide guidance increase benefit and sense of gain. According to introduced May 2017, shanghai, meteorological department to precision of prediction success security the domestic large aircraft C919 security first flight. For citizens health life demand Shanghai, also established the “health and meteorological key laboratory “, successful R & D the cold, children asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease, heat stroke and disease risk prediction products, help the public better to disease prevention health. (Liberation Daily reporter Qi Ying Pu)

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The fire hero of: forget the movie Remember the hero

“These the most the attention of people finally was made into a movie .” This is the release of the film before people of common feeling.

“Please forget the we remember they .” This is the film side in around Roadshow when actors repeat most.

Adaptation self-real event, fill mainland related theme blank of movie the fire hero of released four days, box office 0.55 billion yuan. Have scholars think film is not perfect., China Artistic Critics Association vice-chairman Yin Hung and Shanghai, drama college professor Ishikawa of view very similar: the “120 Minutes in can cry 110 minutes” of film in rhythm on the missing the point relaxation degree lyric an arcane and less the point restraint restrained; no matter from disaster type of the angle or hero narrative of aspects all owe the points heat.

But the defects cannot obscure the virtues. The audience red the eyes out of the theater and said “unconditional support” when, the Acura contemporary firefighters of movie, has arrived in the reality of the important ideal-from works to reality put aside art of Create, remember real of hero.

Big screen on just the truth of part read they is viewing maximum of significance

Coastal city oil dock piping explosion. The the whole crude oil storage area the fire upgrade, explosion occurred one after another. Fire not far from stand of dangerous chemicals storage area as eyeing of devil waiting to be lit …… Danger approximation they to flesh and blood in fire and people of life property safety creating defense. They is peace age sacrifice most of fire hero.

The fire hero “is from the fire cut. As an mainland first screen on the fire rescue “your” is film production in the key words. Nine more than with real build of lens 75% of fire for real blasting. That some audience prudent put forward: Too much intensive of explosion too cruel of picture, whether interpretation over?

This director Mr. Chan said: “Instead big screen on just the truth of part. We even do the beautify, ideal .” Film adaptation self-bao er ji in field long report literature the deepest of water is tears of real of fire far beyond imagine. Have two data testify. One lens the that real of like purgatory of fire in, the whole port of TNT equivalent about for 2 million tons more than is film expression of ten times. Second tablets for lift chemicals explosion risk firefighters need manual close valve by story of describe, each valve 8000 go and fact is 80000 go.

In producer Andrew Lau looks like so “beautify” actually kernel is take a bridge, in audience to know real of firefighters. “Tablets in the scene audience has been incredible. Once the truth they will more shock. This is we do movie Maximum of significance .”

For example Xinghe Xinfeng the with Xu Xiaobin sacrifice of lens if no film audience fundamental unexpected, firefighters not sacrifice in fire but died underwater. Xu Xiaobin of role prototype is year Dalian Detachment Combat Support Group remote water supply formation his commander Zhang Liang, because crude oil leakage proportion Big of crude oil and churn up waters to with turned to mud, A wave of a buttress play. He never out water years only 25-year-old.

And such as film in firefighters day and night to practice they weight-bearing run they countdown of stair climbing, they 24 hours, 365 days time. Have a scene in the release of the film after widely spread was as movie best of propaganda one. Somewhere film formal opening before three minutes 11 A audience collective leave. Original they Is organization to the movies of firefighters. Field light wei an command center of alert from task the command. They of fire truck just stop at the gate of the cinema.

And, China audience of love is domestic movie unique of effective weapons

Throughout world Shadow history fire zai lei good movies and a lot., Korea of the skyscraper of, American of go straight “, Japanese of the and fire of day of and, are “most beautiful inverse Street” of chapter. Why audience for the fire hero of shed the most don’t mean of tears?

, China Film Reviews learn to president spare Dawn said: “Some tears, may be movie of upgraded lens, background music out of the emotional but some don’t completely is.” He has been respected “community aesthetics” of concept, think this close to, China audience of reality, realistic is domestic movie people identity, meet audience deep feelings demand, psychological needs, values demand of the most effective the most favorable of weapons. “And this of weapons forever is Hollywood large not take away. They of film again cool certain degree on is also ‘in I such as clouds ‘, can’t impress heart deep of emotional, can’t and we construction based on values level, thought level of community aesthetics.”

The fire hero of in xi kou. A few of father and son. Jiang Liwei for fault teammates sacrifice even own the son all the he be coronary heart disease; horse patriotic everywhere excellent but always difficult to wait until when military of father a of praise. This two sort of father-son relationship concentration the Oriental-father of implicit, deep, harsh. Again human group of escape as an example jiang miao of mother four under look for the children and meet isolated of pregnant women, mother decided to hold find children save the first. Accident and happiness of is she in send pregnant women to hospital when see the she of children. That moment “a pleasant heaven and earth self-wide” of virtue is not only Chinese generation believe in, and has so real simple of tear strength.

A an interview video in the firefighters were asked deepest of care, they all are low the head: “I most afraid of children look too fast, I too late with He. I the most afraid of parents old .”

Country feelings in, China audience is this long entry into force of emotional magnetic field. More than a fraction of the country feelings summer file can like fire as burning up, my hands,, China film can also be. (Wen Wei Po reporter Wang Yan)

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Shanghai, high-speed highway first a ETC gantry hoisting complete

New network Shanghai, July 31 electric (Reporter Chen Jing) 31 day morning, shanghai cancel high-speed highway boundary toll station emergency engineering the first a ETC door frame in G1503 around high-speed north ring outer ring Wenbei Road to Anting orientation entrance main line road the hoisting complete. According to Said early September related unit will complete all 219 the gantry hoisting.

Current Shanghai, city investment Highway Investment (Group) limited the company is nervous orderly to promote cancel high-speed highway boundary toll station of related engineering. City investment Highway Group 7/article operating high-speed and 4 article government pay-loan for new ETC gantry system 219 transformation ETC special purpose vehicle Road 215 root transformation mixed Lane 158 root demolition boundary toll station 4 A, with a total investment of nearly 1 billion yuan RMB.

Self-June 2019 start emergency Engineering since City investment Highway Group in constantly shen hua fang an of at the same time, timely coordination design, construction, supervision and the procedural problems. Late June complete the section ETC gantry system field reconnaissance review, ETC lane civil construction drawing design and, done The ETC gantry basis 318 A is expected to August 10 before complete all 438 a, and to field resources reasonable use for principle in July the end of start ETC gantry hoisting work.

The first a ETC door frame installation construction points two stage July 30 day complete on both sides of the column hoisting, july 31 started on the early morning lifting gantry beam as planned in 15 minutes in complete the whole lifting job, and the fixed installation.

It is reported that, first a ETC door frame installation of smooth complete will be the follow-up ETC gantry system construction play a demonstration role.

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Shanghai Super building meta-market exhibition Jin Mao commercial public interest months dress set sail

New network Shanghai, news, August 6, (Reporter in handsome) “Jin Mao commercial public interest months, yi heart·traeh benefit attitude is line “activities 5 day in jin mao da sha declared set sail. From “Hand Art rainbow” project autism children of paintings, from Qiandongnan remote mountains of national embroidered Niang, from lovely market-help Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shanxi, Guangxi, Guizhou and to poverty of agricultural products and number of ten a Jin Mao we Family Children of lovely painting, in this hot summer collection in Pujiang coast of iconic building common share a field Love of moved.

August is Jin Mao business of public interest months, following the last year Jin Mao commercial organization the including charity donation, lovely sale, volunteer recruitment, old clothes recovery and remote Area poor students to care of a number of public interest activities after, this year of public interest months will continue to for Disabled Children group, provide the poor more of help, and for environment protection the force. This year of “green gold lovely line” to children + environmental protection for theme, art for carrier, by Tencent Yiyuan juan hua, Sinochem lovely market, mountains market, garbage classification parent-child and Jin Mao Hui painting public interest exhibition and for autism children groups, poverty group raise help.

Public interest Month activities get the Sinochem Group, China Jin Mao, Sinochem energy, Sinochem oil, Tencent Big “network, Shanghai Charity Foundation, Shanghai charity education training center, the document in, China hand workshop of vigorously support.

Sinochem Group secretary of the Communist Youth League, poverty alleviation office deputy director of the hair suitable Bo made a special trip to present congratulations, he said Sinochem Group as an global 500 power have large backbone central enterprises years committed to poverty alleviation. He of the Sinochem Group cross-section linkage common play Enterprise advantage of public interest month said thank.

, China Jin Mao President assistant Jin Mao Tower, and the commercial general manager Ding Prinsepia uniflora Batal. In welcome in talking about, the public interest Month activities the including Sinochem Group and, China Jin Mao of group internal and external plate linkage, and social resources of flexible grafting build from the wide of charity platform, power Public interest cause of great development and progress. “Green gold lovely line” public interest activities not only is responsibility the is emotional department.

图:腾讯“益元捐画” 画展。
Figure: Tencent “Yiyuan juan hua” exhibition.

“Yiyuan juan hua” in “Hand Art rainbow” project started self-2013, based on “teach a man in fishing” Love special children of innovation development and talent employment power they own. At the same time together University and special school cross-border cooperation education and enterprise hand, build training creative talent of service platform.

Field play the Jin Mao commercial homemade of micro-film the stars of children of by years with the project growth of Shanghai charity Education Training Center Sun Xu Tan teacher to introduce autism children how to in painting of process in find own like the things, and open heart, brave expression moved the presence of people.

Start ceremony the two-dimensional code juan hua link you held up mobile phone sweep code, for these autism children of Works power come on.

The document in, China hand workshop of mountains market join the public interest months. Has been 16 years history of, China hand workshop included finishing the five thousand more than a national traditional patterns and tens of thousands of famous the bride’s information, established the National manual of commercial platform-mountains market, with “to see people, things not, see life” of sale style, make mountains embroidered Niang can trust in own of craft family, to make the national craftsmen stick to the aesthetic attitude and generation inheritance of skills get the consumption era of positive feedback.

Figure: field mountains market stalls have many kinds of manual product for you buy.

From Qiandongnan of embroidered Niang has been live in barren of mountain fold deep they inheritance the grandparents of skills, with the most original of creativity and imagination about the Miao of story, record the lucidity, Water Light circulation of world. In activities on-site they not only show various manual skills, also quite heart to for you guests ready to the embroidered have traditional patterns of bracelet love series all. Embroidered Niang said high happy to have the opportunity to get out of the mountains to city show they of culture. And contacts jin mao da sha of white-collar workers in addition to live watch embroidered Niang show also can of purchasing fine of mountains market products, for own dress up a “guo inflooring” of summer.

Figure: Sinochem Group for many years has been all active in poverty alleviation of first line.

Sinochem lovely market by Sinochem energy, Sinochem oil sales limited the company and Sinochem oil Shanghai, limited the company co-founded. Focus on poverty alleviation target task play Enterprise advantage, heart, with love, hard to carry out public welfare activities.

The sale of twenty many kinds of products from Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shanxi, Guangxi, Guizhou and. Including juice, dried fruit and other characteristics food by the white-collar workers of warm sought after.

Figure: Sinochem lovely market collection many kinds of popular product.

Jin Mao “Hui” painting public interest exhibition collection. A few ten more than Jin Mao we Of Children Paintings, they with brush and ideas describe the lovely world, each paintings all has Get young writer authorized by Public Interest sale income money all for children public welfare cause. Shanghai Charity Foundation as an the activities of public interest partners responsible for money of accept and donate.

The tour in Shanghai, J in LIFE and the North Bund J in LIFE exhibited after also will be the landing Nanjing jin Mao sink, Changsha at lingxiucheng and Qingdao Jin Mao Bay and.

Figure: Children on Jin Mao 88 layer.

Start ceremony day Jin Mao business of volunteers shuttle busy in population in, to introduce exhibits, share public interest story; shanghai, small ying star of small friends show the best of future “; and by special children of “star hang xian against Orchestra” of & percussion performance; jin Mao 88 layer tourism agency arrangements the volunteers and children top view Shanghai qun xiu.

, China Jin Mao is the world five hundred strong enterprises one, China Sinochem Group’s real estate and hotel plate of platform enterprise. 2019 is, China Jin Mao of “city operation years”, China Jin Mao released the new upgrade strategy, efforts to build business IP Jin Mao “at lingxiucheng”-don’t just shopping center, is with City development of “in students engine “. Jin Mao business steady development layout from “enjoy quality life” concept, to City for core, aggregation crowd, to in to residents for Axis, continuous release City future vitality. And public interest is also for city and residents of feedback: with environmental protection of style let City become better; in offer lovely process in “enjoy quality life” love of energy. (After)

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And Shenzhen two city shock lower innovation plate contrarian deal nearly 43 billion

China News Agency, Shanghai, August 2 electric (Gao seedling) 2 day Shanghai and deep two city shock lower, innovation plate 25 only share rose across the cumulative total turnover up to 42.949 billion yuan (RMB the same below ), after opening the first day of 48.5 billion yuan. Which Ruichuan IPR micro/nano trading turnover 1.955 billion yuan, China & or up to 14.56% turnover 7.016 billion yuan.

At close of trade the Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.41% at 2867.84 point; Shenzhen Component Index fell 1.42% at 9136.46 point; gem refers to fell 1.09% at 1556.74 point.

A- SHARE and innovation plate on the same day market performance difference is big, for this a problem Shanghai, is Hao fund private partner and financial College superior lecturer Kim explain, “A-SHARE market and innovation plate disk difference obvious main is volume of problem overall, today stock market by psychological level of influence is big there is no incremental funding approach, basic maintain stock between the game.”

Huaxin Securities Private Fund Research Center General Manager Fu constant also said, “A-SHARE market performance by external news this highlights the capital market sudden and perplexing changes of characteristics. After A- SHARE performance relative stability market on the-SHARE liquidity expected compare the front .”

For innovation plate rose across the Fu constant said: “Innovation plate landing after, by market emotional of push L the current valuation of the level is high. Overall for innovation plate performance on the-SHARE influence relative front because it can stable board same type share, play a valuation stability, underpinning the effect. But market excessive overdraft on future adverse .” (After)

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, China the first tall buildings start 5G deployment

New network Shanghai, August 2 electric (Zheng Yingying) high 632 m of, China the first tall buildings-Shanghai, center building 2 day start 5G deployment.

Day, shanghai, telecommunications, Shanghai, mobile, Shanghai, Unicom three home communication operators and Shanghai, center building combined with signing and Common announced, formal start Shanghai, center building 5G deployment, shanghai, center building will become, China domestic first a implementation 5G deployment of super high-rise building, reflect 5G construction of Shanghai, height and speed.

Shanghai, Center building is located in, China jin rong gao di-Pudong Lujiazui in here Oriental Pearl (high 468 m), jin mao da sha (high 420.5 m), global financial center (high 492 m) such as Ferris tall buildings around this regional of super high-rise building development, is Shanghai, and even, China City construction development of a miniature.

According to introduced at present three operators have complete 119 layer tourism agency of 5G deployment pilot, is here held the “City top of the 5G + XR creative of fair” has become led by a search Hotel 5G application scene.

The start Shanghai, center 5G deployment three operators will give full play to their respective advantage, fully use 5G network technology for Shanghai, center of office, hotel, convention and exhibition, business, sightseeing and business Empowerment.

Shanghai, center building construction development limited the company general manager gu jian ping said global countries in the world are speeding up 5G strategy layout, to seize the 5G industry high ground with 5G promote economic social of digital transformation and economic of continuous growth. The Shanghai, center combined with three big operators start 5G deployment with the deployment of steadily promote, future will to create, China the highest 5G application demonstration sites and combined with big data, artificial intelligent, cloud computing and, depth fusion 5G technology to create a comprehensive new generation of wisdom building lead, China super high-rise building development.

Shanghai economic and information the committee deputy director Zhang Jianming, witness the start ceremony he said, hope Shanghai, center, telecommunications operators and related enterprise can brainstorming, common efforts, in 5G for background of “acceleration” era by 5G bring of digital technology innovation, for culture industry give more of new connotation, power Shanghai, to create 5G new culture, new content, new experience. (After)

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“I love Beijing Tiananmen” zhan guang sign precious collection

“I love Beijing Tiananmen”-celebrate the founding of the People’s Republic of 70 anniversary pictures, shi wu zhan yesterday to the city’s public collection, many folk collectors with spark, newspapers magazine, invitation, books, ticket and old objects came to the city mass art. Yellow of pages, a rare the memorial postage stamps for the, public and Tiananmen of photo and precious collection, with deep era memory witness the new China 70 years of development process.

“National Day” theme collection hot

Early in, civil collector History National Day will own collection of the “National Day” theme of collection with to city mass art. He was born in middle September 1958 positive, China the second a five-year plan of start of years, mother for he name “National Day “. “This name with distinct sense of the times, it is a special of symbol, to the I more than half my life of is energy.” History national day of collection from Matchbox on of Spark started later gradually extended to you liang meat yu piao, refrigerator color TV, bike and various material ticket. A few years ago, he collection to a 1959 issue, to celebrate “National Day Ten anniversary” for theme of Spark, to the delight from the conscious to collection “National Day” theme of collection, contains books, newspapers and magazines, ticket, garden voucher, Spark, xi dan, posters, products, souvenirs 8 A Series. “I the name call National Day I of collection also and the relevant national day this very meaningful .”

Shanghai, civil collectors Guo nai xing is the Navy military, he of collection with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA honor and achievement about. September 27, 1955 president of the People’s Republic of China commissioned decorated ceremony in, Beijing, Huairen Hall grand held. On the same day, the State Council held general commissioned ceremony. Guo nai xing collection the many to Liu, Nie Rongzhen, xu guang da and the bit of the signature of Reception invitation, they witness the, China People’s Liberation Army of Glory moment. Collection, he also bring the National Day Medal, National Day bookmark, juvenile children instrumental music the I Love Beijing Tiananmen “, popular Popular Science magazine the WE of motherland more great of widely has history of collection. “Red theme collection more and more hot these collection the bearing of history culture, can show new China all the way through to the development change.” Shanghai, Collector Association President Wu Shaohua said.

“New China the first mail” appearance

Stamps has always been is civil collection of key one. In city mass art of conference table on, collector felt estranged bring the memorial postage stamps for the, special stamps almost covered with whole table. On-site can see “new China the first mail “, the October 8, 1949 issue of the Celebrate, China People’s Political Consultation meeting the first plenary session of the meeting of this is new China the first set memorial stamps. “Ji 1” design fine with “, China People’s Political Consultation Conference” emblem of palace lantern, in front of the Tiananmen Gate wind flying symbol the festive. Also have new China the first set flag stamps, is by, China People’s postal issue of the People’s Republic of China open country anniversary of packages, stamps of pattern is five-star red flag. “October 1949 to March 1955 before issue of stamps was philately called Old currency stamps, reflect New China in the early days of political, economic, culture, foreign and field of major achievements and important event, have high of historical value.”

Felt estranged and stamps lovers will Collection compiled a and divided into 6 big series. Including “The first” series, great of motherland series, major history event series, economic construction series, defend world peace series and World celebrity series. These stamps in, have the first set women theme stamps-1953 issue of “Celebrate International” memorial stamps, the first set to Constitution for theme issue the memorial postage stamps for, the first set “Radio Gymnastics” memorial stamps and; also have to governance Huaihe River, construction Chengdu-Chongqing railway, built Yumen refinery plant and event for theme of stamps. Concentration in inch between of small stamps, the new China 70 years development course of magnificent picture.

Collection public and Tiananmen photo

In addition to collection civil collection the curatorial the also a “photos zheng ji ling “, to Shanghai, the public collection ordinary people and Tiananmen of photo photos and story. One of the organizers, Beijing, Chaoyang District Cultural Center director Xu Wei introduced natural 20 years ago, cultural center had spent 10 years time, from Chaoyang district residents home collection. To Tiananmen for background of more than double old photos, “Collection old photos too don’t easy to the start people don’t want to afraid lost, they are ordinary people of precious memories.” The collection will is also Year activities of continuation.

Failed to rushed to the scene of, Beijing, photographer source by video connection of style show the own of collection. He from 1979 since in Tiananmen Square for National around of people take pictures, 40 years of shooting the nearly 0.6 million bed photos. He witness the Tiananmen Square every details of change, witness the people dress, habits, take pictures style of change witness without several times of Tiananmen flag-raising ceremony. Have parents finished and with children to him take; also have old man made a special trip from Henan walking stumble to. Certain to Tiananmen look.

“I love Beijing Tiananmen”-celebrate the founding of the People’s Republic of 70 anniversary pictures, shi wu zhan will be September 21-10 month Natural 20 day in city mass art on display, the public can by Shanghai, public cultural festival and culture Shanghai, cloud official website, APP, public, sent old photos and collection. (Liberation Daily reporter Zhang Yi)

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