Shanghai, ecological environment bottom line only will more and more strict

Central ecological environmental protection inspector out the number of “hidden” the of ecological environment problem, shanghai, district in inspector forced under quickly take measures a number of illegal violation behavior get severe investigation, ecological environment get significantly improve. July 29 reporter from Fengxian District Ecological Environment Agency was informed that central ecological environmental protection inspector carried out since as at July 29, fengxian district of received Central the first ecological environmental protection inspectorate zhuan ban of petition 102 thing, which 68 are currently under investigation processing.

Again and again opposite typical of lessons let more production reached with the business operator consensus: shanghai, ecological environment of bottom line only will more and more strict.

“Environmental Protection credit” incentive enterprise investment

“Protection ecological environment primary responsibility is production operators can’t have any lucky psychological .” Buddhist Temple (group) shares limited the company general engineering deputy director Zhang Baosheng said.

2016 and this year Garan Group respectively investment more than 1 million yuan and more than 0.5 million yuan, for production wastewater in chemical oxygen demand and production waste gas in nitrogen oxide environmental protection disposal facilities of upgrading and transformation. At present in with boiler nitrogen oxide emissions concentration have control in 30 mg/cubic meters about, far lower than the outer ring in 50 mg/cubic meters of limits. Enterprise production wastewater after processing chemical oxygen demand concentration have control in 100 mg/L, and related emission standard of limit is 500 mg/L.

Same in Fengxian district of Shanghai, birds gazelle Daily Chemical limited the company also have different approaches but equally satisfactory results. 2018 the first half this the company investment 1.5 million yuan of wastewater processing facilities acceptance put into operation, will wastewater in chemical oxygen demand of concentration from 400 or 500 mg/L cut to 300 mg/L. For control production wastewater of emissions total, the company this year the end before also will on the part of the care products of production process the automation transformation, is expected to be will wastewater emissions from 80 or 90 tons/days reduce to 50 or 60 tons/day.

Environmental impact assessment but off “a ticket veto”

A number of enterprises on the way of transformation and upgrading, there are also a number of enterprise in is becoming more and more Queen of environmental protection pressure under select exit. Fengxian district from 2014 implementation industry structure adjustment three years Action Plan since as of the first half of this year, in adjustment shut down iron and steel, printing and dyeing, plating, chemical, stone, furniture, building materials such as industry of” three high a low “key enterprise 247 households, make land area 17451 acres reduce energy consumption total standard coal nearly 0.3 million tons. These industry structure adjustment make of valuable space become Fengxian District future development of source. At present Fengxian has total introduced enterprise 95 home digestion and utilization land area 4209 acres, which 72 home enterprise has been put into production per mu output value, per mu tax respectively up to 3 million yuan, 0.35 million yuan.

Fengxian District Economic Commission Deputy Director Gu satellite tell reporter for key project, fengxian District strict take 7/A related office of the board “consultation” of access approval system, can’t through environmental impact assessment of project will directly “a ticket veto “.

Ebb Tide can to dross leave essence. This year is Fengxian district the second round of industrial structure adjustment three years Action Plan of ending of years, the region will lock 6600 mu land Queen industry structure adjustment, the year digestion and utilization land many in 1500 acres, and synchronous start the first 1000 acres stock industrial land custom high standard plant, for advanced manufacturing make sufficient development space. (Liberation Daily reporter Chen Xi shake)

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