“Do you want to spend time in the library with me from morning till night?” Nanjing University enrollment publicity controversy

The beautiful woman stood in front of the library, holding the sign “do you want me to be your youth” and “Do you want to spend time in the library with me, from morning to night”, calling on everyone to apply for the exam. On the 8th, Nanjing University caused controversy because of such a group of enrollment publicity photos. Some netizens thought it was materializing women, and some netizens thought it was unnecessary to go online. At present, Nanjing University official Wei has deleted the post.

On the 7th, the 2021th college entrance examination opened the curtain. While everyone cheered for the examinees, some colleges and universities also started enrollment publicity on social media.

In the past enrollment publicity, under the blue sky and white clouds, eye-catching handsome men and women stood in front of the landmark buildings of colleges and universities, holding the signboard “I am waiting for you in XX”, which is a common way. In recent years, “School Flower” and “School grass” have become the “humanoid advertisement” of colleges and universities. From the photos of beauty graduates Kangyi, published by Renmin University on the homepage, to Chen Turin, Wu University huangcancan of China Southern Airlines……


In 2019, the enrollment copywriting of Chongqing University’s “WeChat small advertisement” style also appeared on the microblog hot search list. The Honey painting style amused countless netizens and attracted numerous universities to imitate one after another.

Although not all students buy the account of “Goddess of God”, and some people once thought that the propaganda of “food color” style in colleges and universities was inappropriate, it really became the next propaganda trend.

Nanjing University added some content on this basis during this enrollment promotion:

Do you want to enjoy the magnificent beauty of art in Nebula building “.

“Do you want to touch the traces left by history in every building of Nanda”

“Do you want to spend time with me in the Du Xia Library, from morning to night”.

“Do you want me to be your youth”……

There is a bold word in all the student signboards, and these bold words are combined to form “I am waiting for you in Nanjing University”.

Beauty + the country’s top universities double blessing, the microblog quickly aroused attention. The controversy followed, and what caused the controversy was “do you want to spend time with me in the Du Xia Library, from morning to night” and “Do you want me to be your youth, some netizens think that the word” bubble “and” become your youth “is inappropriate. In addition, the one who takes these two signs is just a beautiful girl, playing” edge ball “, there is a suspicion of materializing women.


In a survey that thought this kind of propaganda was appropriate, 67% of netizens thought it was “inappropriate”.

However, some netizens think that there is no need to over-interpret it. The original intention of the school is to recruit students. Although the content of the copywriting is biased, it may just be that the planner is not rigorous.

Some netizens pointed out that as a university, since there is a possibility of polysemy in propaganda copywriting, it should be avoided in advance instead of letting it develop.

At present, the official Wei of Nanjing University has deleted this content.

Students in the college entrance examination and parents in voluntary examination are also a contest for colleges and universities that are recruiting students.

According to the previous report of Guangming Daily, with the development of higher education in our country and the impact of the enrollment of foreign universities in China, high-quality students are becoming increasingly scarce in the increasingly internationalized and intense competition of higher education, “Source of students” is the “raw material” of the university, and the quality of “raw material” is directly related to the quality of “product. Take the initiative to contact by phone, promise to admit majors, attract heavy money, and even tear each other openly. In this competition, some schools have tried their best to make all the “efforts”, just to “recruit good students”. The general strength of the schools competing for students is equivalent. On the one hand, the overall quality of students can be improved; On the other hand, the public’s recognition of the strength of the school can be maintained.

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