The public security organ has not yet intervened, three questions Hubei college entrance examination examinees mobile phone cheating incident!

New progress has been made in the mobile phone cheating of examinees in Hubei college entrance examination.

On June 9, the Ministry of Education released the “Report on cheating in a college entrance examination examinee in Hubei province”, saying that there was no pre-exam leak, and examinees hid their mobile phones in their hands to avoid security checks, hide your phone in scratch paper to shoot questions.

Is it so easy to bring a mobile phone into the examination room?

Does the behavior involve crimes?


Individual behavior or group behavior?

One question: it is not difficult to bring a mobile phone into the examination room.

“How did you bring your mobile phone in?”

Shouldn’t security check be armed to the teeth?”

On June 5th, Hubei provincial Education Examination Institute released “2021 warm tips before the college entrance examination”, saying that all examination venues in the province were equipped with metal detectors. During the examination, candidates who enter the examination room and return to the examination room after leaving the examination room for special reasons in the middle of the examination must undergo security checks.

On the morning of June 6, Zeng Sheng, secretary of the Party committee of Huangyi district, once led the person in charge of relevant departments to check the preparation situation of each college entrance examination center in the whole district, listened carefully to the preparation work situation of the examination center, and inspected the temperature measurement channel on the spot, temporary rest areas and other key parts and key places. According to public reports, all test sites in Huangpi district strictly implement various guarantee requirements and “prepare for the exam in good condition”.

All media reporters of rule of law Daily have learned that there are four examination sites in the college entrance examination of Huangpi district this year, among which the candidates of the seventh senior high school examination site of Huangpi district in Wuhan are mainly art students.

On the afternoon of June 8th, all-media reporters of the rule of law Daily rushed to Huang Di No. 7 Middle School, and the gate of the examination center was closed.

“The management of this test center is much stricter than yesterday.” Mr. Chen, the candidate’s parent who accompanied the exam for two consecutive days, said that the parents who sent the exam yesterday surrounded the school gate. Today, they can only wait across the road and cannot approach the examination room.

“The side door of the school was still open yesterday, and occasionally there were staff coming in and out, but it has not been opened today.” Mr. Chen said.

A number of candidates from the Huangdi No. 7 Middle School revealed that the invigilation yesterday was “not very strict”.

“Yesterday, the invigilator shook back and forth with a metal detector and let us enter the examination room. Today, I checked from head to toe very carefully.” A candidate surnamed Wang from Huang Di No. 2 Middle School said.

Before entering the examination room, candidates should turn off their mobile phones and put them outside the classroom as required.

“After we entered the examination room today, the invigilator checked one by one whether we had a mobile phone.” Some candidates said.

The Ministry of Education said in the notice that when the examinee entered the examination room for security check, he hid his mobile phone in his thin clothes, raised his hands to avoid security check, and illegally brought the mobile phone into the examination room. The mobile phone will be hidden in the exam under scratch paper to shoot questions, and will be distributed to a training institution for answers at exam 46 (no).

On the afternoon of June 8th, after the exam on that day, all-media reporters of the rule of law Daily entered the test site of Huang Ying’s seventh Middle School, and the on-site staff did not block it. Each examination room has been closed, and students are occasionally seen on campus.

The picture shows that after the end of the exam on June 8th, the examinees walked out of the college entrance examination center of Wuhan Huangshu No. 7 Middle School.

Question 2: behavior violation or crime involved

According to the circular issued by the education bureau of Huangpi district, according to the provisions of Article 9 of the measures for handling violations in national educational testing (hereinafter referred to as the measures), candidates who violate regulations will be disqualified from this examination, the treatment of the ineffectiveness of the scores of each stage and subject in the examination, and further treatment according to the follow-up investigation results.

The measures clearly stipulate that candidates who have nine kinds of behaviors such as “carrying equipment with the function of sending or receiving information” during the examination shall be deemed as cheating. At the same time, it is clear that the examinees have the situation of “sending and transmitting the information of the test questions to the outside of the examination room”, which can be seen as the seriousness of the case, and at the same time, they will be given the treatment of suspending the examination for one to three years; If the circumstances are particularly serious, you can suspend participation in various national educational testing for 1 to 3 years at the same time.

The online screenshot shows that the time when the examinee uploads the picture of the college entrance examination math test paper to an APP is 15:46 on June 7, 2021. at this time, there is still 1 hour and 14 minutes before the end of the college entrance examination math.

An APP responded that it did not provide any search results. After the examination, after confirmation, the staff will report to the relevant departments at the first time, and package the background screenshots, data and other clues to the relevant departments for verification. The topic was never disclosed in always on top in any form.

The picture shows a screenshot of an APP uploaded by a candidate who is involved in the Internet to take photos of math problems in the college entrance examination.

In the notification, the Ministry of Education stressed that this incident was for the examinees to take photos and send questions with their mobile phones after the exam was opened. The Department cheated personally during the exam and there were no pre-exam questions.

“From the current public information, the examinee’s behavior does not conform to the composition of the crime of cheating in exams, and does not spread widely, causing serious consequences.” Deng Xiaogang, associate professor of law school of Hubei University, thinks.

The college entrance examination papers are top secret. Does the examinees have the act of “deliberately revealing state secrets?

“The college entrance examination papers are top secret before they are opened. If they are leaked before the exam, they may be constituted. However, if the examinees Upload the test papers to the Internet during the exam, they do not conform to the criminal constitution of intentional crime of betraying state secrets.” Deng Xiaogang said.

All media reporters of the rule of law Daily learned that the public security organs had not intervened in this matter.

Three questions: individual or group behavior

“Why is the mobile phone so simple to bring into the examination room?”

“The signal in the examination room is blocked. How did the photo come out?”

Outside the test center of Huang Di’s seventh middle school, many examinees thought this matter was “incredible”.

The picture shows the examination publicity display board of Wuhan Huangshu No. 7 middle school entrance examination center.

Huangpi district education bureau reported that the invigilator’s invigilator qualification for the college entrance examination has been stopped, and the dereliction of duty of relevant personnel will be further investigated and dealt with by the district discipline inspection and supervision authority.

“According to the information published at present, the invigilator asked the examinees to bring their mobile phones into the examination room. In the process of invigilation, students were not found cheating in taking photos in time. There was indeed dereliction of duty, and certain administrative punishment should be given.” Zheng Xinxin, secretary of the Party committee and administrative law scholar of Hubei University Law School, said.


Tong Dehua, professor of criminal School of Justice of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, analyzed that the mobile phone was not only brought into the college entrance examination room, but also analyzed from the perspectives of answer cards and bright light, obviously, it was shot from the desk top to bottom.

“Starting from this kind of sign analysis, it cannot be ruled out that security personnel and invigilators know but do not stop it.” Tong Dehua said that if the relevant personnel knew and implemented help, they would face the problem of accountability and even legal responsibility.

Zheng Xinxin believes that if invigilators know about it, they even cheat with candidates, or they are investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

The Ministry of Education reported that the invigilators had been replaced and the invigilators had been strengthened. The invigilators involved had been further investigated by the discipline inspection and supervision organs.

“At present, there are many doubts about the whole incident. Whether there are problems with the metal detector used in the examination room and whether there are loopholes in the signal shielding instrument can be concluded only after in-depth investigation.” Zheng Xinxin said.

Tong Dehua believes that relevant parties should also carefully investigate the test sites involved and investigate them one by one to determine whether there is only this incident or the possibility of group cheating and respond to public concerns.

The Ministry of Education said in the circular that the enrollment committee of Hubei province was required to organize education, public security, discipline inspection and supervision, radio management, market supervision and other departments to further investigate cheating candidates, the dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty involved in the examination site and relevant institutions conducted a thorough investigation in all aspects, the whole process and the whole chain. YIFAYI regulations were severely punished, and the fairness and justice of the college entrance examination were firmly maintained.

The national first let “a syndrome quasi-camp” become reality

“Industry a syndrome” is to a Industry access of the multiple a license integration for a “industry comprehensive license “, this is “license separation” reform of deepening and continue, target is to from “to Department for center” of a single matters reform, steering “to enterprise for center” into “a thing” of business process revolutionary reconstruction, strive to from fundamental crack corporate “access no camp” problem

From now start in Pudong New District open hotel, convenience store, gym and restaurants and, all only need to do a license can be opened. Pudong yesterday in national first launched “industry a syndrome” reform, implementation “a syndrome quasi-camp “, the first batch of pilot of 10 a Industry Average implementation approval matters reduce 76% approval time limit reduce 88%, application material reduce 67% fill in the form elements decrease 60%.

The reform influence big, Operation complex, but the Pudong every show gold content full of reform programme, 10 a pilot industry and legal system security work, optimization Business environment overweight will further the market new vitality, cultivation development new can.

Approval matters compression two dimension explore “after reduction syndrome”

“The past we open a hotel are to special of a team to accreditation, not only have to do special industry license, public health license, food business license, also get fire check of corresponding certificate each do a ticket all to line, fill in the form, back and forth at least two three a month.” As an first early adopters Luneng Group Shanghai branch executive director, general manager Sun Mingfeng tell reporter, this time they to, China first JW Marriott Marquis hotel drive to Pudong, just catch up with the “industry a syndrome” pilot only spend two weeks more walk accreditation course, greatly reduce the time cost “This we opening than is expected to in advance the month. And after in Pudong accreditation as long as a work personnel it can .”

The pilot of the first industry including convenience store, sports fitness venues, hotel, Hotel, small restaurant, fresh-purified drinking small shops, baking shop/bakery, coffee shop/tea houses, bar, pharmacies and other, after reform after average implementation approval matters reduce 76%. “This is a integrated-of two-way reform bring of approval service style of change is disruptive.” New District Administrative examination and approval authority director Jiang Red Army said, the first explore of is two dimension of “After reduction syndrome “, on the one hand in a department internal reduction syndrome, the of a department in the same industry of the multiple A approval matters optimization with a approval matters; on the other hand in more a department between reduction, of a Industry quasi-camp involves of more a department license “merge integration” for a “Industry Comprehensive license “.

Farewell repeated fill in the form “qian qi Many-Faced” fine service

“Industry a syndrome” reform the government, more means that from original of extensive service change for fine service approval more efficient.

Pudong original simple stack, same of matters list and approval elements split to minimum particles, by intelligent question answering in accordance with “qian qi Many-Faced” of enterprise characteristics the free combination, formation customized informed single, application form and material list real do the business order, government dishes.

To convenience store as an example, enterprise can Through answer whether has for business license, of whether wine retail, of whether B non-prescription drugs and 12 a problem, generated for use with various situation of application material.

“This time are a set of application material, login Shanghai, ‘yi wang diantong do’ platform ‘industry a syndrome’ module the online application, before a few days received the license approval complete of SMS notification.” Shanghai, Suning shop General Manager Xu sea orchid tell reporter “we statistical, for a convenience store original in each license Accreditation link about need 38 a working days, at present is 5 a working days; application material by original of 42 a reduce to 10 A, greatly reduce the enterprise administrative cost also improve the operation efficiency. The reform display the government for enterprise ‘light burden’ of determination and efforts, further enhance the we in Pudong entrepreneurship development of confidence.”

In process reengineering on “industry a syndrome” reform first proposed “a cap lead “, A industry by a department lead established “put tube service” efficient collaborative mechanism. New Market Authority director Wu Wei flat said in enhance ongoing and ex-post supervision on, can by “a cap” lead department credit evaluation system or rules, combined with the induction of information of Enterprise, industry the more precision of comprehensive credit and classification assessment.

Business environment optimization let enterprise more confidence and power

Three years ago countries to Shanghai, and Pune east the important task-“license separation” reform. After three years more practice the reform progress smooth has obvious effect. Last September the State Council meeting of the Standing Committee of the clear in national promotion Shanghai and Pudong “license separation” reform of experience.

And “industry a syndrome” Reform is license separation reform of continuation and deepening. Early, pudong in industrial products production license reform the lead explore from “a syndrome” to “a qi yi syndrome “. Pudong to this concept use to market access management field launched “industry a syndrome” reform, around enterprise efficient “do a thing” on government business process the revolutionary reconstruction.

Optimization Business environment actually is the most lasting, the most strong of success. The government department spend effort in start-up link the “burden “, also let more grounded Pudong of enterprise of continuous rapid development more confidence and power. Sun Mingfeng said: “Shanghai, future seven years to reconstruction a new Pudong, we Hotel also usher in huge of development opportunities. New of reform initiatives for enterprise management create the very good business environment, great enhanced the we investment Pudong, and Pudong common development, sharing development results of confidence.”

Next Pudong will to “industry a syndrome” reform for breakthrough, comprehensive Deepening “put tube service” reform struggling to build international first-class business environment, further highlight comprehensive deepening reform and expand open experimental field role. (Wen Wei Po reporter Don Wei Jie)

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Shanghai 10 A contestants will participate in World Skills Competition

45th session of the World Skills Competition will be August 22-27 in Russia Kazan held Shanghai, yesterday held competition battle mobilization meeting.

It is reported that, this world skills competition will have 69 a national and area of 1355 a youth player registered competition, registration number more than previous shi sai. China will send 63 a player in all 56 a project game which, 10 A Shanghai, players will be representing the country in 9 a project game, 10 A Shanghai, sent of experts as project experts team leader, 9 A as Project Coach team leader, 6 A as Project Technology translation.

The reporter to China self-2011 join World Skills organization since has been continuous in four session of the shi sai, cumulative made Natural 20 gold, 15 silver, 15 copper and 41 a winner. Shanghai, there are 11 players representative their country results a session than session good, cumulative made 2 gold, 2 silver, 1 Copper and 3 a winner. In 2017 44th session shi sai in, shanghai, players won body repair project, floral project of two block Gold Medal, implementation the Shanghai, player in shi sai since gold medal zero of historic breakthrough.

2021 46th session shi sai will in Shanghai held. City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau deputy director Zhang Lan introduced according to municipal Party committee, municipal government deployment, shanghai, in full do 45th session shi sai training sprint and competition security work of the same time, has to start planning 46th session shi sai player selection training work positive do the preparatory organization work.

Deputy Mayor Peng chen lei attend. (Wen Wei Po reporter weeks Brillouin)

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Shanghai, Pudong first pilot “industry a syndrome” promote industry access approval reform

Shanghai Pudong New District 31 day issued the first industry “comprehensive license “. According to local official said move is Pudong in mainland China the first pilot “industry a syndrome “, promote industry access approval reform. Yellow Sun read Photo

Pudong official said, present of “industry a syndrome” reform is “license separation” reform of deepening and continue, target is to from “to Department for center” of a single matters reform, steering “to enterprise for center” into “a thing” of business process revolutionary reconstruction.

“To open a convenience store as an example past enterprise business license the to have 5 bed license, including food security license, tobacco monopoly license, medical equipment sales license and.” According to Shanghai Pudong New District Enterprise Service Center director Jiang Red Army introduced “industry a syndrome” reform after, enterprise in Pudong start convenience store only need to deal with a comprehensive industry license can be-conduct market research under specific direction or theme to provide support for production/operation team.-Work operation. Processing time from legal of 95 a working days reduced to 5 a working days.

The move also let enterprise shall be given a heavier Forte “fill in the form orthogonal table” in Liberation out. To open convenience store as an example Jiang Red Army said past need to fill in 9 form, now only for 1 bed; need to fill in of 313 the fill in the form elements also reduction for 98 items; need to prepare the material also from 53 a reduce to 10 a.

According to Pudong official said, “Industry a syndrome” reform at present in convenience store, sports fitness venues, hotel, Hotel, small restaurant, fresh-purified drinking small shops, baking shop/bakery, coffee shop/tea houses, bar, pharmacy 10 a Industry in trial.

Day, luneng JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, trillion Wade, Suning shop of representative was the, China the first “industry comprehensive license “, become “industry a syndrome” reform of “early adopters “.

“The past construction this a hotel, need to get fire, public security, health, food and ten several industry license, conventional processing time need to 2 to 3 a month.” Luneng Group Shanghai branch executive director, general manager Sun Mingfeng accept interview when said, now the processing time was compression to 2 weeks within “planned September 20 opening of new hotel, now in advance to August 8.”

Shanghai, Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, Pudong New Area District Party Committee Secretary Weng progenitor bright attend conference, and issued the first convenience store, sports fitness place, hotel industry comprehensive license. (After)

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Apart 97 years “Einstein” again came to Shanghai

This May is this year summer vacation all tech-savvy the most can’t miss of a field exhibition, einstein’s general relativity paper manuscript original, Einstein 1905 “miracle years” of four paper, Einstein and russell last of letters …… These human history of science on the precious of cultural relics first came to mainland China and audience meet.

“Start early in genius relativity-Einstein of fantasy world” Special Exhibition today in Shanghai, World Expo Museum to public open the exhibits content cover Einstein life of study, achievements, emotional, life, faith, honor and rich content, original to restore a real of Einstein.

This year is Einstein birthday 140 anniversary World around launched on the great scientists of tribute and miss. Shanghai, is Einstein was visited of two A, China City One. November 1922 in a ship Hong Kong to Shanghai, the cruise on the Einstein received get Nobel Prize of Telegraph. Thus it can be seen that the great scientists and Shanghai, of fate visible can.

The in Shanghai, on display of 133 thing exhibits in have 86 thing for original, especially is generalized relativity of two page manuscript original is History of science on the top cultural relics, the first time came to mainland China. Other of exhibits in, such as on gravitational waves of paper original, old age thinking “unified field theory” of Last of notebook original and, is also Einstein genius thought of precious treasure. Exhibits in and xia yuan li, shu star bei, Cai Yuanpei, Soong Ching Ling, Zhu Jiahua, Zhou Pei-and a number of, China modern well-known people of Einstein of letter original and Einstein of reply original, were is Einstein was and, China communication of first-hand historical data. In addition Einstein obtained 1921 Nobel physics prize medal original also will is focus exhibits one.

“This exhibition to Einstein from ‘God’ reduction to ‘people ‘.”, China for the History of Natural Science Institute researcher, the special exhibition content consultants in Qing said, the display and no blindly show Einstein right of side, also performance the others life encounter of disappointed, confused and error. Such as Einstein in the Zurich Diary “in a page show. This a little. If not was he of ideas was in to error of place, relativity “was born” will than now early three years. And in the other a he was sick in bed when to daughter of letter, cherish word such as gold of he naughty to in text below painting. A bed and sick of Little, little party paper between father-daughter of warm blowing.

Einstein’s most famous of is he amazing of physics intuition. The in Qing introduced this and Einstein into extensive, interest widely about. If the audience see enough carefully it can from a was burning of exhibits in found, this is from a description he in Russia adventure of book. The in Qing also introduced every a place, einstein the first to go to visit of sure is local of museum, he also set up a called “Olympia Academy of Sciences” of organization. In Here Einstein and other scientists not only warm discussion science topic, also explore the music, art, mechanical, philosophy and so on complex of content. And this thought of “surf” was a lot of people think is Einstein the key to the success of.

The Einstein special exhibition by Jerusalem Hebrew University authorized Liberation newspaper (Shanghai) culture spread limited the company and Shanghai, UDN host Shanghai, World Expo Museum co. (Wen Wei Po reporter Shen Qiushui’s)

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“Far East first floor” Peace Hotel Welcome 90 anniversary of the birthday

New network Shanghai, August 2 electric (Prince Tao sheng ying) August 1 late, shanghai, the Bund iconic building, had “far east first floor” of said of Peace Hotel usher in 90 anniversary of the birthday. Chef team with 90 days the peace characteristics giant cake for Hotel 90-year-old birthday, glass artist of sen bin for Peace Hotel 90 anniversary of the creation and donation of art glass sculpture the Peace Dove of also in field appearance.

Peace Hotel was built in 1929 formerly known as Chinachem hotel of Chicago School Gothic building, hotel is located in Shanghai, of Nanjing East Road and the Bund the intersection. Celebration field symbol the Peace Angel, art incarnation of the Peace Dove of art glass sculpture appearance, the sculpture based on traditional glass process body, with deconstruction-of modern art language performance Peace Dove wings of beautiful attitude.

It is reported that the Peace Dove of representative peace, is Peace Hotel image best of symbol-“Oriental living room” of past glory, in new era will continue. In peace time in Open mind acceptance plus through our honest do, China and countries friendship the Angel of.

Activities on-site from Europe of tap artist around the octagonal central stage dance, from Russia art university of dancer show air dance performance. At the same time Peace Hotel elderly jazz group offer play with music interpretation Shanghai culture and Sir soul, and present guests celebrate Peace Hotel 90 anniversary and the third session of the Peace Culture Art Festival of Prelude.

August 2-8 month 7/day during many culture art activities also in peace hotel one by one kicked off. August 2, cenozoic art illustrator, designer He Ping will in peace hotel “He Ping met Peace” paintings exhibition salon, with through our honest through shi jian zhang lang to a field peace of art journey. August 5 of Peace Poetry share will more a poetry society Union teacher will field read share poetry. August 6, history Building column writer Joe dispute months will and the Bund History Building of fans share thematic lecture “Bund, dreams and peace “about legend Bund legend history characters of story. August 7 will the 1930s vintage dance performance and elderly jazz group of legend play.

Peace Hotel general manager, Accor Hotel, China regional general manager georgewee said: “Peace Hotel in 90 years ago is was Shanghai, the most luxury modern of hotel. 90 years later of today here still is Shanghai, of search building, is Shanghai The Bund center the most shine of Pearl. 90 Years Peace Hotel witness the Shanghai, the situation changes and brilliant achievements, as an Shanghai, Culture Art Center, the hotel, we more will lead witness future Shanghai, of culture art of vigorous development.” (After)

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National Exhibition and Convention Center and surrounding start AR Image panoramic construction

New network Shanghai, July 26 electric (reporter Ginger Yu Prince Tao) shanghai government deputy secretary-general, city service security leadership group office director of Jade worship English 26 day said, the second session of the jin bo will the preparation work has been into facing battles decisive battle stage, jin bo will held National Exhibition and Convention Center is to create “wisdom public security” an upgraded version of, start the Convention and Exhibition Center and its surrounding regional AR Image panoramic construction, comprehensive Upgrade security work of “precision, visualization, intelligent, professional “.

Day Shanghai, departments combined with held the second session of the jin bo will countdown 100 Days News Conference, the folk English in conference on the said current, shanghai, city service security work Comprehensive into high standard, fast-paced, tight run for preparing for the work State, efforts to the second session of the jin bo will more security, more color, service security better, overflow effect better.

It is reported that the second jin bo will During Shanghai, will Comprehensive optimization city traffic organization scheme, based on large passenger flow provide better security; hotel stay to take “quality the price rise stability” the measures, continue to implementation price control; food and drink aspects timely adjustment food and drink service structure, perfect halal, Jewish kosher, vegetarian and other characteristics food and drink and in, western food supply, promote National Exhibition and Convention Center Shanghai, characteristics snacks Pavilion of quality and upgrade, introduced more reflected Shanghai, food and drink culture of breakfast engineering brand and time-honored brand.

In addition, shanghai, also will be the implementation of the market more orderly, medical health security more timely, energy communication more stable, Meteorological environmental protection more precision, news propaganda more momentum and jin bo will security service measures.

The folk English revealed, the second session of the jin bo will continue to curing used the first session of the jin bo will Natural 20 a number of policy measures, such as “exhibits exhibition After into customs special supervision areas after be write-off” and, and new the “expand exhibition product of sales function” and 5 the new deal.

, China International Import bo lan ju deputy director Sun into the sea. In conference on the said for improve exhibition experience and exhibition effect, the second session of the jin bo will national exhibition will be Optimization organization mode, increase the exhibition country this national conditions, customs. And situation of introduced, deepen parties of participating countries of know and cognitive. The second session of the jin bo will closing after national exhibition also will be carried out for a period 10 days of extension, and accept social audience appointment free exhibition. The Enterprise and Business Exhibition aspects the positive explore sustainable business operation mode by market-oriented means to carry out the work, the establishment of Sound mechanism constantly improve international, professional, market-oriented, brand level.

According to Sun into the sea. Introduced, the second session of the jin bo will of opening forum-the second session of the Hongqiao International Economic Forum of theme for “open innovation cooperation win-win “, 4 Sub-forum will respectively around business environment, artificial intelligent, WTO reform, electronic business and content the discussion. The forum will reference international mature forum practice take “membership + registration system” style, strengthen Forum of mechanism operation further to create global political and business of research from all walks of common participation of high-end dialogue platform.

Conference on, shanghai Public Security Bureau, City Municipal Commission of Commerce, City Traffic Commission, City Culture Tourism Bureau, City greening city council, Municipal Party Committee, Shanghai customs of about head respectively introduced the their respective department the second session of the jin bo will security work of progress situation. (After)

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