Apart 97 years “Einstein” again came to Shanghai

This May is this year summer vacation all tech-savvy the most can’t miss of a field exhibition, einstein’s general relativity paper manuscript original, Einstein 1905 “miracle years” of four paper, Einstein and russell last of letters …… These human history of science on the precious of cultural relics first came to mainland China and audience meet.

“Start early in genius relativity-Einstein of fantasy world” Special Exhibition today in Shanghai, World Expo Museum to public open the exhibits content cover Einstein life of study, achievements, emotional, life, faith, honor and rich content, original to restore a real of Einstein.

This year is Einstein birthday 140 anniversary World around launched on the great scientists of tribute and miss. Shanghai, is Einstein was visited of two A, China City One. November 1922 in a ship Hong Kong to Shanghai, the cruise on the Einstein received get Nobel Prize of Telegraph. Thus it can be seen that the great scientists and Shanghai, of fate visible can.

The in Shanghai, on display of 133 thing exhibits in have 86 thing for original, especially is generalized relativity of two page manuscript original is History of science on the top cultural relics, the first time came to mainland China. Other of exhibits in, such as on gravitational waves of paper original, old age thinking “unified field theory” of Last of notebook original and, is also Einstein genius thought of precious treasure. Exhibits in and xia yuan li, shu star bei, Cai Yuanpei, Soong Ching Ling, Zhu Jiahua, Zhou Pei-and a number of, China modern well-known people of Einstein of letter original and Einstein of reply original, were is Einstein was and, China communication of first-hand historical data. In addition Einstein obtained 1921 Nobel physics prize medal original also will is focus exhibits one.

“This exhibition to Einstein from ‘God’ reduction to ‘people ‘.”, China for the History of Natural Science Institute researcher, the special exhibition content consultants in Qing said, the display and no blindly show Einstein right of side, also performance the others life encounter of disappointed, confused and error. Such as Einstein in the Zurich Diary “in a page show. This a little. If not was he of ideas was in to error of place, relativity “was born” will than now early three years. And in the other a he was sick in bed when to daughter of letter, cherish word such as gold of he naughty to in text below painting. A bed and sick of Little, little party paper between father-daughter of warm blowing.

Einstein’s most famous of is he amazing of physics intuition. The in Qing introduced this and Einstein into extensive, interest widely about. If the audience see enough carefully it can from a was burning of exhibits in found, this is from a description he in Russia adventure of book. The in Qing also introduced every a place, einstein the first to go to visit of sure is local of museum, he also set up a called “Olympia Academy of Sciences” of organization. In Here Einstein and other scientists not only warm discussion science topic, also explore the music, art, mechanical, philosophy and so on complex of content. And this thought of “surf” was a lot of people think is Einstein the key to the success of.

The Einstein special exhibition by Jerusalem Hebrew University authorized Liberation newspaper (Shanghai) culture spread limited the company and Shanghai, UDN host Shanghai, World Expo Museum co. (Wen Wei Po reporter Shen Qiushui’s)

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