The national first let “a syndrome quasi-camp” become reality

“Industry a syndrome” is to a Industry access of the multiple a license integration for a “industry comprehensive license “, this is “license separation” reform of deepening and continue, target is to from “to Department for center” of a single matters reform, steering “to enterprise for center” into “a thing” of business process revolutionary reconstruction, strive to from fundamental crack corporate “access no camp” problem

From now start in Pudong New District open hotel, convenience store, gym and restaurants and, all only need to do a license can be opened. Pudong yesterday in national first launched “industry a syndrome” reform, implementation “a syndrome quasi-camp “, the first batch of pilot of 10 a Industry Average implementation approval matters reduce 76% approval time limit reduce 88%, application material reduce 67% fill in the form elements decrease 60%.

The reform influence big, Operation complex, but the Pudong every show gold content full of reform programme, 10 a pilot industry and legal system security work, optimization Business environment overweight will further the market new vitality, cultivation development new can.

Approval matters compression two dimension explore “after reduction syndrome”

“The past we open a hotel are to special of a team to accreditation, not only have to do special industry license, public health license, food business license, also get fire check of corresponding certificate each do a ticket all to line, fill in the form, back and forth at least two three a month.” As an first early adopters Luneng Group Shanghai branch executive director, general manager Sun Mingfeng tell reporter, this time they to, China first JW Marriott Marquis hotel drive to Pudong, just catch up with the “industry a syndrome” pilot only spend two weeks more walk accreditation course, greatly reduce the time cost “This we opening than is expected to in advance the month. And after in Pudong accreditation as long as a work personnel it can .”

The pilot of the first industry including convenience store, sports fitness venues, hotel, Hotel, small restaurant, fresh-purified drinking small shops, baking shop/bakery, coffee shop/tea houses, bar, pharmacies and other, after reform after average implementation approval matters reduce 76%. “This is a integrated-of two-way reform bring of approval service style of change is disruptive.” New District Administrative examination and approval authority director Jiang Red Army said, the first explore of is two dimension of “After reduction syndrome “, on the one hand in a department internal reduction syndrome, the of a department in the same industry of the multiple A approval matters optimization with a approval matters; on the other hand in more a department between reduction, of a Industry quasi-camp involves of more a department license “merge integration” for a “Industry Comprehensive license “.

Farewell repeated fill in the form “qian qi Many-Faced” fine service

“Industry a syndrome” reform the government, more means that from original of extensive service change for fine service approval more efficient.

Pudong original simple stack, same of matters list and approval elements split to minimum particles, by intelligent question answering in accordance with “qian qi Many-Faced” of enterprise characteristics the free combination, formation customized informed single, application form and material list real do the business order, government dishes.

To convenience store as an example, enterprise can Through answer whether has for business license, of whether wine retail, of whether B non-prescription drugs and 12 a problem, generated for use with various situation of application material.

“This time are a set of application material, login Shanghai, ‘yi wang diantong do’ platform ‘industry a syndrome’ module the online application, before a few days received the license approval complete of SMS notification.” Shanghai, Suning shop General Manager Xu sea orchid tell reporter “we statistical, for a convenience store original in each license Accreditation link about need 38 a working days, at present is 5 a working days; application material by original of 42 a reduce to 10 A, greatly reduce the enterprise administrative cost also improve the operation efficiency. The reform display the government for enterprise ‘light burden’ of determination and efforts, further enhance the we in Pudong entrepreneurship development of confidence.”

In process reengineering on “industry a syndrome” reform first proposed “a cap lead “, A industry by a department lead established “put tube service” efficient collaborative mechanism. New Market Authority director Wu Wei flat said in enhance ongoing and ex-post supervision on, can by “a cap” lead department credit evaluation system or rules, combined with the induction of information of Enterprise, industry the more precision of comprehensive credit and classification assessment.

Business environment optimization let enterprise more confidence and power

Three years ago countries to Shanghai, and Pune east the important task-“license separation” reform. After three years more practice the reform progress smooth has obvious effect. Last September the State Council meeting of the Standing Committee of the clear in national promotion Shanghai and Pudong “license separation” reform of experience.

And “industry a syndrome” Reform is license separation reform of continuation and deepening. Early, pudong in industrial products production license reform the lead explore from “a syndrome” to “a qi yi syndrome “. Pudong to this concept use to market access management field launched “industry a syndrome” reform, around enterprise efficient “do a thing” on government business process the revolutionary reconstruction.

Optimization Business environment actually is the most lasting, the most strong of success. The government department spend effort in start-up link the “burden “, also let more grounded Pudong of enterprise of continuous rapid development more confidence and power. Sun Mingfeng said: “Shanghai, future seven years to reconstruction a new Pudong, we Hotel also usher in huge of development opportunities. New of reform initiatives for enterprise management create the very good business environment, great enhanced the we investment Pudong, and Pudong common development, sharing development results of confidence.”

Next Pudong will to “industry a syndrome” reform for breakthrough, comprehensive Deepening “put tube service” reform struggling to build international first-class business environment, further highlight comprehensive deepening reform and expand open experimental field role. (Wen Wei Po reporter Don Wei Jie)

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